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Mk3 GTi daily - the car I'm "not modifying"

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The past week or 2 I've been continuing on with the time killing process of dying the interior. I'm now up to both front seats and the front doorcards done. Seeing them all together in the car has def grown on me more.

The ABT side skirts done sit as high as the originals which I never liked and at the start I ran some back insulating tape to fill the gap to see if that looked better with the view to paint it in if it did. Needless to say the tape remained there but during the week I painted that in.

I trimmed the lips from the rear arch trims and bonded them on with window bond (thanks to a forum member so can make himself know if he wants incase I get him in trouble - the man's a legend :D ) so they arent ever coming off now

Also I shortened the bonnet prop 7 inches (can be seen in the photos above from Cork show) as I hate a bonnet right up on cars at shows. I'd like to take another maybe 4 inches out of it but it'll do for now. I thought I had pics of it but I don't. I just replicated the original bend by heating it in the vise and bending it then cutting the excess off.

Yesterday I got bored sorting bits for the NI BMW show today so took the camera out for 20mins. First time I've took pics of anything in ages that isn't a show and was great to get back at it. Just need to spend more than a minute per photo editing now lol

full gallery of pics here - https://www.flickr.com/photos/51796048@N00/albums/72157657225487590








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I'd the car on the GTiNI stand at the NI BMW show and afterwards Gethin got me to take some pics of the cars together (then my battery died during it ffs)






Also with the darker winter nights quickly drawing in I thought I'd need something more than the US markers to help the car be spotted on the road (if you believe that is the reason then god love you lol) I had these and decided to fit them for a laugh. I duno if I should fit them all round or leave them as is. I'm likely never to turn them on again once the novelty wears off lol.


I'll have some engine parts updates soon so watch this space


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Just for you Michael lol

So the car hasn't moved from Titanic Dubs. I'd plans for a lot of work over Christmas but Lee's Passat killed that dream :lol:

With Dubshed rapidly approaching I decided to get on the ball with a few changes I wanted to make.

First up was a slight front change. Early grill with chrome badge replaces the GTI grill with the black badge (ignore the mossy mould on the splitter lol):


With half my interior black and tan and the other half black and yellow it wasn't a great look. So back to the dying <_<



The next thing was to sort out a niggling problem. After sorting out my suspension to go low enough but maintain tension on the springs when in the air I could get the back exactly how I needed but the front was causing the driveshaft to knock on the chassis leg so I couldn't go any lower (plus it was doing my head in).

This happened:



This is the first notch I've done before and really wasnt that difficult. Just time consuming to do right. I'm going to throw up a step by step guide on the forum too for anyone interested.

For a year or more I've contemplated getting solid, camber adjustable top mounts. I was worried about ride quality but a few on Edition had them with no complaints so I bit the bullet and got some. They're shorter than the rubber top mount so the car gets an extra drop. I fitted them last night and set them to the middle. I'll adjust the camber at the hubs to 0 with my camber gauge then get the camber and alignment set properly.

The set up from the bay:


And the drop on the front now: :wub:


Hopefully more soon. Especially in the bay all being well :ph34r:


Edited by loeb

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No faith lads ;)

Ok so I'm a ****. Bar a decent clean and adjusting the camber the car would have been ready for Dubshed. That was the case until last night when I gave into peer pressure.

I've always liked the look of a vr with a short runner and ever since seeing the steel rocker cover on Big Ron's mk1 over been searching for one. 5 years it took me to get one (bare in mind I havnt owned a vr for 5 years even :lol: ) so last year I had one in my possession along with a short runner.

As usual Matt was egging me on and we decided to make a start fitting the bits last night

This is how it started:


Next with part of the manifold stripped (there is some weight in that full set up!):


Got the rocker cover off and was glad to see no signs of major wear and a fairly clean valve train. I've no idea on the mileage of the engine but it runs great so this is nice to see too:


Got the rocker cover and short runner on for a mock up and looked ok. Makes the vr lump look tiny. Notice Mr Peer Pressure trying to convince me to turbo it :rolleyes::


Started to look at tidying it up and the plan is the run all the plug leads under the manifold, replace the fuel lines, paint the fuel rail, clean the injectors and hide it's wiring and hide anything else I can:


I've some fab work to do. I need to make a throttle cable bracket, mount the throttle body (it's OBD1 and the manifold is OBD2) and a pipe from the airfilter/maf to the throttle body. Also a few wiring plugs to extend.

I'm sure there'll be divided opinions on this. There's so little facts online about N/A VR6s with short runners. Plenty of armchair experts cry about having no torque (one guy estimated under 60lb/ft) but the few who have done it claim only a slight loss in low end but more top end and sounds amazing so we'll see what the craic is when it's done lol.

Nothing will be changed permanently so it can always be swapped back if I don't like it so it's worth a go. Just hoping it makes dubshed ffs :rolleyes:


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Back at it over the weekend. Friday night I had to make the throttle body fit the new intake manifold. The manifold is made to fit an obd2 throttle body whereas mine is obd1 meaning the holes are different.

Used the gasket as a template then drilled and tapped the holes and it was done. The manifold and throttle body are the same size opening the gasket is bigger incase anyone was wondering.




Saturday then I took to making the throttle cable work in its new position. Thankfully I got to use the original cable bracket and made two holes in the manifold to bolt it on. Simple enough job.



After that I started mocking up the new set up. I'm gona run a top fill insert as shown and do away with the expansion bottle.

The original plan was to run the air filter up beside the coilpack but the top rad hose won't allow that so I'm trying to get a pipe at the minute that will drop the intake under the rad hose and position the filter as per my pics.




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The car looks great. I'm jealous of it I want it:wub::)

If you wana come borrow him, finish all the work and give him back for Dubshed be my guest.

Also found and ordered what will be the pipe between the airfilter/maf and the throttle body. Hopefully it'll be here for Wednesday. Between tomorrow evening and being off on Thursday I'm hoping to have him running again.

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Still waiting on my intake pipe arriving. I'm hoping it's here tomorrow (and fits) then on Thursday the plan is to build all up, extend the loom and get it running then strip it for paint.

Tonight I decided to tidy the fuel lines. I never got the original VR6 lines which clip along the rocker cover and always hated the temporary rubber ones we used which became less temporary as time went on.

Started with some wonky 8mm copper fuel pipe that i straightened by hand then rolled between to sheets of ply to get as straight as I could:


Once straight I worked out where I needed the bends and went to work with the piep bender, made some spacers to seperate the lines slightly then modified 2 P clips to clamp the whole lot:

Once made I set it into the bay to see if I liked it. I didn't bother fitting them as I'm tired as **** so it'll do til Thursday. I like them so far so they should stay:


Edited by loeb

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Being St Patrick's Day yesterday I did what I do every year. Use the day off to work at the car biggrin.gif

Normally my updates are a step by step of everything including what I ate and drank during but Matt and I took into it and made such good progress I forgot to take many pics.

Once we had a good look at where things where and where we needed them to be we got stuck in. I was originally going to have to extend 4 wiring plugs but Matt moving an earth point from the back of the head to the side of the head brought two forward enough to be plugged in in the new position with room to spare. As he did that and did away with the bracket for the engine loom plug and fitted it under the coilpack I extended the MAF plug and the IAT plug soldering in new cables and heat shrinking over them. We wrapped as much of the new loom as we could with new cloth loom tape and the rest will get done on the teardown for paint.

We were running out of daylight so decided not to run the MAF wire yet and just plug it in and make sure it all runs. I was ****ting myself but started and ran no problem bar the idle needing turned up a bit. Thank christ for that.

We binned off the expansion bottle so need to look at making the top fill work. Was very close to doing away with the heater matrix but can't bring myself to do it. Also I want to shorten the pipe between the filter and throttle body as it's too long for my liking.

It doesn't look like much has happened since the last update but it's getting close. At least it runs. Before the teardown I'll shorten the plug leads to sit low and mock up the last few bits and get on to paint.




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Some more progress today. Made an exact list of what is needed before Dubshed and working through it steady. Shortened the intake by about 6 inches between the TB and filter so much happier about that. Next we pulled the front end off and since the alternator bracket was fouling the new inlet manifold I shaved about 5mm off the bracket and we're back in action again.

Matt removed the exhaust heat shield and started to paint the manifolds in satin engine enamel. The rest of the head, block and gearbox will get the same treatment again. I love the look of the cast manifolds:


Took the new rocker cover, inlet manifold and throttle body off and they got a crinkle black finish and are looking much better for it:




Brian landed down with a cover made to hide the ugly standard injector. An aluminium aftermarket one is only $99 but it would never be here in time so this will be the job for it (y)


Edited by loeb
fixing a glitch in the matrix

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More progress on fiddly wee jobs today. Came out this morning to find him dozing in the shade. Love how low he sits now:

Started out with another coat on the engine and head then bypassed the broken aux water pump to remove it. I then looked at moving the fan module box under the bracket for the coolant bottle to somewhere else seeing as that bracket was getting the chop. I worked out with extending one wire and trimming some plastic I could mount it under the front panel. Love a simple job. Well simple until you do this:

With this:

When my finger finally decided to stop bleeding and I wrapped it up with kitchen roll and loom tape I got stuck into removing the redundant brackets and tags in the bay. @Fatman removed the water bottle bracket with a spot weld bit (i duno how we ever worked without these) and I cut and grinded the rest and 2 patches of surface rust. Not long to paint now :D





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