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Mk3 GTi daily - the car I'm "not modifying"

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An eventful few days

We've been busting ourselves to get the car read for this weekend for the new MLVW show. It was always gona be tight and the car would have been perfect but it would be there.

I dropped the wheels in with Simon for tyres and got a phone call to say one was cracked next to a previous weld. He pulled out all the stops and had the wheel repaired for me and ready the next day. Brilliant service as I was convinced I was going on 3 wheels. We got back on it and got the car ready for the early start Sunday morning.

Off we set on the Sunday and I hit a dead cat which (surprisingly didn't wreck my bumper or splitter) as Stefan pointed out covered my spoiler, boot and rear bumper in fur lol




10 mile down the road a crow decided it would be best to fly into my windscreen thankfully no damage there but left me wondering if this was karma and if I should quit hunting.

Near the show my car started to randomly pop out of 5th but ran fine otherwise until pulling into the show I was having serious bother getting gears. A run out to get some 10/40 engine out as there was no gear oil available anywhere and Chris filled it up but by that stage it was too late and the box was f****d. I was locked in 3rd and the clutch was slipping so most reckoned it was seals gone and leaking fluid onto the clutch. Wonderful with a 150 mile journey home ahead of you.


Everyone tired to help and a big thanks goes to my friends, randoms and the show organisers who wanted to or tried to help. I really appreciate it. The car went onto a recovery truck and was brought home to the door (and saved me half a tank of fuel lol) thanks to my girlfriend's AA cover and I took her Passat home





While we waited a few hours for the truck I decided to take a few pics of the car and pass the time

And some pics I've found from the show from John Moag


I'm having a gearbox lifted tomorrow night and hopefully have it in this week for Castlewellan show next weekend. Unfortunately that means I won't have my seats dyed so more yellow seats for a while :(

Again thanks to everyone for all the help and Lee, Chris, Brian, Matt, Lucy and stefan for waiting the few hours for the recovery and keeping the craic going. also to all my friends who helped get the car ready and there in the first place.
Tonight we took into getting the car ready for the new box and decided that we should give the bay a quick blast of manila green to tidy it up. Nothing special just so that it isnt red anymore. We got the engine out, box off, engine degreased for paint and started to clean the strut towers and chassis legs for paint. The looms will get wrapped too before its all refitted.
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Was nice to see all the GTINI boys down in the midlands the weekend.. Every one thought there was a diesel AAZ under the bonnet from your reg.!!!

It's a pain breaking down that far away from home. One of my friends has a habit of breaking down once he gets over the border, once with a blown turbo, second with a leaking oil feed line.!

If I had seen you on the side of the road we would have stopped. There was one man with us who's shed is only a few mins out the road, he's a Mk3 man who would have probably had a VR box there aswell. We would have had ya up in running in a few hours.!!

She's a credit to you...

(The L200 wheels on your girlfriends Passat looked the part as well.)

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Cheers Sean. I didn't see you're car even or I'd have went and spoke to you. Yeah the AAZ should have a diesel in it but not while I draw breath. Lol.

Thanks for the offer that would have been the job although I'd 3.5 hrs sleep on sat night and 5 on friday night so I might have just slept at your mates lol

Yeah those are the same that came off her Vento so she put them on the daily B3 for the weekend just

So tonight's update. We're fully fledged members of the not ******* around crew. I dispatched my minions to go buy the new box while I prepped and painted the engine and bay. The box turned out to be missing drive flanges and not wanting to start ******* about I decided to leave it and use Matt's box for his mk2 and get him one. Its already painted so speeds us up too.

I prepped the bay very quickly and taped everything off and covered it in manila green. The fire wall below the rain tray is getting sprayed black tomorrow so ignore the patchy green on it. I could have spent longer on prep but it's going back together tomorrow so time isn't a luxury I can afford so it'll do. TBH it's a hell of a long better than I expected so I'm happy. From oily mess to that in 3.5 hrs isnt bad lol







I also gave the engine its first coat of black too. It looks patchy for some reason but its not in person. Its due another coat anyway.


Til tomorrow


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I came home last night and dad had the fire way and brake lines etc cut in with black and had given the engine another coat of black. 


Everyone landed and we got tore in. A few bits from my box were bolted to the new one and it's went back onto the engine.

The looms were separated for wrapping and we got ready to drop the engine and box back in.


After some careful wiggling and cursing it was in and I started to tackle the wiring. This is where things go as they always do with us. To cut a long story short there was talk of moving the battery to the boot and "hiding a few wires" which resulted is a stupidly late night with Chris and I being the last 2 there at 1.30am. Don't give into peer pressure kids lol



It should have been finished last night but this has put us back another night so with any luck it'll be done tonight. The bay isn't really tucked. The driver side loom is under the chassis leg but the passenger side is just taped up and runs down the gearbox. It could have been a lot neater and tidier by extending it but im not as I havnt time and can't afford it not to start. The only wiring altered is the battery cable so considering that it's not a bad job.

There's still a few bits to tidy but that's as far as last night went.


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I'm well used to roadtrips and breakdowns with dad and the bikes Nigel. lol. I'm just glad it happened after the show. Sure we know I'm not normal anyway :P

Lee I know you secretly hate it lol

Thanks lads

Right 5 days ago when I had a fucked gearbox, standard manky bay and was 150miles from home I didn't think I'd be getting to Castlewellan in the car never mind achieving what we did. I genuinely have some of the best friends (including my dad in that) you could ask for who made this happen from Monday night to now. That's all my soppiness used up for this year so onto a few pics.

Finally got the front mount hockey pucked to lift the sump. Gona get new coilovers next and drop the front an extra 5mm:


Last night we kept going and did way with some coolant lines to tidy things further and turned the MAF upside down to hide it:




This morning we got it all back together and this is the outcome:




Edited by loeb

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There's only 4 threads on the nut. I pulled them out of my old mk2 and whoever built them used a proper nut on them rather than a slim one and leaves less thread protruding. We tried to rectify them when the car was apart but the bearing is seized to the shaft so I've a new kit on the way as I want to play about with the rears anyway.


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Takes some stones to paint that colour but i love it great job, i liked your missus grey vento if thats the one i remember had the l200 wheels on it a while back lol

Yip that's her. It's due a serious overall this starting this summer. That's the same wheels on her B3 Passat daily pictured above.

Seems the past 2 weeks has caught up with me and I'm completely busted. Work isn't fun at the moment lol 

I've plenty to do between mods and maintenance so I'll update in the next while as I go but I'll leave some pics here that I've come across between Mullingar and Castlewellan.









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Finally making a start on sorting the hideous yellow interior out. 

In my usual diy hero style I opted to dye the centres of the seats. I had considered going body colour but was worried if I didn't get the exact match I'd be driven mad by it.

I ended up going with a Bentley tan colour for the centres as the original Manilla green Mk1s came with similar coloured cloth seats 

Take one black and yellow colour concept seat

Use the leather prep on it to remove the top layer and finish off with a good clean with alcohol

Add your own alcohol so if it goes wrong you can blame the drink

The first 3 coats are sponged on. As you can see the first coat looks terrible but gets better as u go. You're not looking total coverage with this stage 

Then move onto the two coats with the supplied air brush

Have to wait an hour then it's on with the finish coat. I guessed and picked satin which thankfully matched the black finish. 


First attempt went well. I'll probably do 2 or 3 bits at a time as I go. It's quite a simple process but just a lot of waiting to dry. It supposedly takes a week to fully cure to max strength but handling it today it's as flexible as the original coating and I can't pick it off. Only time will tell for the durability of it but it gets great reviews on that front. Best of all its nicer than the yellow.


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Looks a good finish, still not sure on the colour, though that's down to personal preference! Will no doubt look better in person!

​it's a slightly different shade in person although I was looking a slightly more "orange" tan but I like what I have. I'm a big brown/tan interior man anyway. Lee hates all lol

Any chance of the dye running off or sticking to clothing over long drives?

​No Michael it's sealed with a "lacquer" so same as the previous yellow would have been done. Time will tell though lol

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​it's a slightly different shade in person although I was looking a slightly more "orange" tan but I like what I have. I'm a big brown/tan interior man anyway. Lee hates all lol

​No Michael it's sealed with a "lacquer" so same as the previous yellow would have been done. Time will tell though lol

​If you end up with fake 'tan' on your clothes at a show you know you're asking for abuse! :lol:

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Been slack with progress/updates. I had planned to get the interior dyed before we went to MIVW so it would be ready for going to Cork but dad's trike split it's gearbox in half and that was my work space taken up.

I fixed a torn seal on the oil cooler and took the car to VAGE show in Cork (while have a lot of fun in the car). Thankfully it never missed a beat so they gearbox is obviously dead on.

With a feed of drink the night before and a cold I wasn't in great form for cleaning the car much. Combine that with a still yellow interior I never expected to be winning anything (not that I'd be expecting anything with the car anyway) but came away with best mk3. A nice surprise.

Really need to sort the interior now as it'll be at the NI BMW show soon






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Cheers lads. Appreciate the love

I wasn't overly fussed on the colour of the dyed centre I did above so in my typical fashion I thought "I'm not paying another £110 so I'll crack on and see how it goes"

I did the driver seat and 2 front doorcards this weekend and it's really grown on me thank god lol







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