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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys, I was hoping some of you might be able to help me out.. I have this mk3 golf variant 1.9 TDI which I want to upgrade to GTI spec. I am going to start off with the 4 hub braking system in stead of the breaks only on the front two wheels.. what parts would I need to do this?
  2. VR6 Project

    New to the forum, thought id share my VR6 project. This ins't a car destined for performance or to be an animal, well maybe not yet. The main focus is to get it handling right and looking the best it can. With that in mind I started on the suspension set up. Not having a place to work on the car at home, I got the lend of a shed off a good friend who is a breaker and is also helping with the project. I will give list below of all the parts bought to the present date prior and during the build as to keep them all in one place. Nearly all parts have been sourced from the two UKMK3's club sponsors, oemandmore.com and vwpartsinternational.com Genuine Borbet A alloys, 16", 7.5" fronts and 9" rearsMTEC grooved and drilled discs with EBC green stuff padsGood ridge braided hosesGenuine VW tank strapsUpper air intake ventsFebi control arms (pair)Febi tie rod with endsFebi ball jointsFull power flex polubush kit - wishbone bushes front and rear, top mounts with bearings, rear top mounts, ARB bushes, subframe mounts, rear beam bushes - All purple series, only ones i didn't buy were the exhaust mounts and steering rack mounts.CV boot kit outer - both sidesCV boot kit inner - both sides with drive bolts Febi drop links - both sidesHandbrake cables - two Febi wheel bearing kit - front and rear for both sidesStub axles - both sidesRadiator Variety of genuine new VW bolts from supplier - Rear stub axle mounting bolts (8), rear beam bracket bolts (6), ABS sensor bolts front and rear (4), calliper bleed nipples (2), rear subframe mounting bolts (2), front subframe mounting bolts (2), rear beam to bracket mounting bolts to accompany p.flex bushes (2), control arm bolts (2) - I got every possible bolt that I took off replaced with new genuine VW bolts, those that can't be got from VW, I got made up.Genuine VW inlet manifold gasket Genuine VW throttle body gasket2.9 VR6 Corrado inlet manifoldAP coiloversGenuine backing platesBTA bearings front hubs - pairABS sensors - front and rear​ CDA Induction kit Forge alloy elbow intakeBraided fuel linesOBD1 conversion plate to fit the Corrado manifoldBillet alloy gear bush replacements Low temp thermostatBillet alloy coolant pipeNew 6-2-1 manifold and genuine gasket MSD coil ignition setup with 10mm HT leadsI will add to the parts list as I buy, they are all over the place I know but I'm going by receipt order. I will also update as much as I can, we are working two nights a week at her. Usually from 5pm to 8/9pm, Mondays and Thursdays. Day 1, Getting the car to his shed in Ballymoney. Typical VR6 linkage acting nothing better than soup decided it didn't want to go into any gear but fourth. So I drove to his going back roads in fourth which is roughly a 25 minute drive. Was ropey enough and a lot of pulling out done cause I didn't want to stop and take off in fourth. Anyway, got to Marks house and behold all gears are being selected fine, typical. First job today was get the car in the shed and unpack all the parts and wheels. I had bought genuine Borbet A alloys and never tried them on but we did and well they are wide on the MK3 platform but I like them. Day 2, real work commenced today. We started at the front. Taking the wheels off and putting them in a safe place to not get marked, they are S3 alloys as my dailys and the Borbets are wrapped up in card board and bubble wrap aha. Next was to take the brakes off, discs and callipers. Following that was all the other stuff like coilovers, drop links, track rod ends, all the sensors etc and finally the ball joints. Some of the parts hadn't been changed I would say in all the cars life, many bolts were snapped and rotten and the bushes had defiantly seen much, much better days. Never the less thats what all the new parts are for. Having realised that that to get the passenger arm out was going to be a nightmare as the engine was in the way leaving virtually no room to get the bolt out, we called it a night. Factoring that in, a little change of plan was made. The more we delved into the project the more things I wanted done, replaced, cleaned and changed. So out with the engine was the new plan of attack. Before we decided to take it off, we came to the decision of taking the rear beam and all the rest out first, as we needed tools and a crane etc for the engine and the back end looked fairly straight forward. Day 3, time to attack the rear end. Taking the callipers and discs off, coilovers and all the brake hoses etc gave us access to the rear beam. With only 6 bolts holding it on, 3 at each side. It was pretty straight forward and dropped down on to the axle stands. Upon inspecting the rear bushes, I had never seen anything as badly worn. The rubber was dried out, hard and all cracked. I could peal it off un my hand, even better was the metal inner. It was all corroded, badly shaped and just plain done. So we got the axle out, removed the bearings, stub axle and brackets mounting the axle to the body. Next task on hand was to remove the bushes. Although badly worn, being in there for 17 years meant the were well stuck. Nothing we tried would make them budge. On the outside of the rubber bush was like a metal surround that went into the beam and it had more or less fused with the beam. We tried a screwdriver through the middle and hammering it through, no luck, we tried clamping the rear beam to a bench and using a hub puller and impact gun, didn't move at all. The only solution was the oxyacetylene blow torch. Slowly but surely it melted down the rubber and then using the hub puller they finally came out. However the metal surround was still there and we had to use a hack sae to get it out. So that was the rear beam out and ready for sand blasting and powder coating, we could no get back to front of the car. Day 4/5, time take out the engine. Out of my depth with taking the engine out and I took up more the role off tool boy as I watched Mark but I was still keen to get stuck in. So first thing to come off was the arch liners, I wasn't expecting anything but rotten wings and they didn't disappoint. Thankfully thats as far as it went. Next was the bumper and slam along with all the lights etc, handy enough taken off just a little fiddly with all the hoses and PAS lines. Once it was off and all fluids drained I got underneath and disconnected the CAT, probably the most fiddly thing I've ever done. Laying under axle stands with no room to get a socket on and just a spanner whilst reaching over the arm and ARB just to get access on the left side, wasn't as quick as hoped. Meanwhile Mark was undoing all the engine and box mounts and removing all lines feeding to the engine. So the exhaust was disconnected and engine pretty much ready to come out. Next was to take the front crossmember out, held in by four bolts and of course one was snapped and none existent, struggling to find a set of new genuine ones so it looks like I will be heading to the breakers. As the engine mount was taken off, this pretty much just fell out in our hands. Time to get the crane in. With few minor hiccups, the 2.8 VR6 lump came out. We almost had to take the exhaust manifold off but it came out in the end with a little wiggling. The following night we went at the rest of the subframe, yet another bolt snapped on the power steering rack. We took the arms out and the rear subframe came out in minutes, it just dropped down with ARB still attached. Following that we inspected the PAS lines as they didn't look in the best of shapes. They were pretty much rotten so I rang up TPS and they gave me some interesting quotes. For the three pipes needed I was looking at £220, £166 and £66. Nearly choked down the phone, although the dearest hose was discontinued thankfully as to save on the wallet but also unfortunately as I can't fond aftermarket ones so I will need to get some made up somewhere. The next job on the list was to remove all the bushes and chuck them as they were badly worn and I have power flex ones to replace. Removing the bushes from the new arms that I bought was quite interesting, we went fort a different approach to burning an dousing the hub puller. We drilled all the way around as there was a lot of access and they came out handy enough. Day 6, so that is everything pretty much ready now for sand blasting and powder coating. I gathered up all the parts which included: Rear axle and mounting brackets Backing plates all aroundFront crossmember Rear subframe ARBNew armsHub knuckle Strut brace mounting brackets Rear strut bracePossibly missed out a thing or two there but I will put up a picture of it all done. Its being done by TJC Powder coating in Ballymoney, he was recommended and also close to the garage. I went for graphite powder, something different to black and I like it and think it will go well so why not. The lead time on the work is going to be about two weeks as he didn't have any of the graphite in and he also has other work on. The next thing we plan to do is rub down the callipers and paint ourselves and polish the front strut brace. I chose Porsche Riviera Blue for the callipers, hopefully contrasts well with the colour of the car. As for the strut brace I didn't know of any local polishers so I undertook it myself. Starting with 600 grade sand paper working my way eventlly up to 1200 maybe even finer. But so far I'm on 800 grit and its noticeably different. Day 7, first day back after a long Christmas break. First thoughts looking at everything, where the f* does this all go. Everything is back from sand blasting and powder coating, an excellent job was done the parts look brand new despite the difference of colour (done by TJC powder coating in Ballymoney). The aim is now to get the car rolling and ready for paint. So we put all the poweflex bushes in, what a pig of job. Especially the front crossmember bushes, they just didn't want to go in even with the vice. We got the bushes eventually all in, everything is getting poweflex bushes and the only ones I didn't buy was the steering rack bushes. Just awaiting to get the bearings pressed in and then we can begin to bolt everything up. Planning to get everything all ready outside the car, get the bolted to the wheels and then roll straight in. Day 8,