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  1. My NewHolland... Blue MK3 Golf Concept

    I think so man. Adam at PMG autocare in belfast if you want to give them a bell.
  2. thanks for the reply. I will take them please.  where are you?

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    2. ger16v


      i am in belfast but could be any where on any day with work just let me know and i will come to you if that is ok? cheers

    3. Fatman


      No bother man. My number is 07828196379. Fire me a text over the weekend and we'll get them sorted. :) 

    4. ger16v
  3. So... after an extend hiatus... I'm back in a MK3 again. I thought I had kicked the habit, I had even loaded up whatever parts I had kicking around for a MK3 and gave them to @loeb. All was well. I thought I was out of the game... Wrong! Me and rest of the shedsixty2 guys went to Edition38 in Northampton at the start of September and for three days, I got peer pressured into "going for a look... sure you don't have to buy it!". Now, me being me... this statement usually means "bring cash... you're bringing it home". And well... thats what happened! Now, I'm no stranger to a MK3... I have had a few Ventos and my old TDi MK3: IMG_0582 by Stefan Clarke, on Flickr IMG_0583 by Stefan Clarke, on Flickr IMG_0585 by Stefan Clarke, on Flickr Oh how I loved that car! Anyways... Here is the whip! IMG_3945 by Stefan Clarke, on Flickr It had Airlift suspension, KW turbos and some others bits and bobs on it when I went to look at it... But I wasn't a fan of the KW Turbos and Air Suspension wasn't really for me... didn't line up for what I want to do with the car really... And I couldn't afford the car with it in. The owner was happy to sell the car on standard suspension though so I was happy enough. The KW Turbos where bought by Matt8v on here so it was a good deal for me and Matt. Heres how I got it: IMG_4002 by Stefan Clarke, on Flickr You can see the extensive arch gap in this picture... you can also see where the 'New Holland' is coming from... tractor stance! So... Before I got the car home, I bought a nice set of Compomotive MO5s for it. Nice set but need a refurb and some centre caps... Not too bad tho for £300 with Toyo Proxes all around. IMG_3989 by Stefan Clarke, on Flickr I also bought a set of Koni coilovers out of Matt8vs MK2 seeing as he's upgrading to a full Airlift setup. IMG_4025 by Stefan Clarke, on Flickr Now they need a little TLC... One of the rear adjuster sleeves is cracked, the adjusters themselves are seized on the rear sleeves (both sides) and the front weren't much better... Had to man handle the off with a pipe wrench. But you can buy parts for Koni coilovers from Larkspeed so will be putting together an order at the end of the month with I get paid. IMG_4026 by Stefan Clarke, on Flickr IMG_4033 by Stefan Clarke, on Flickr I also test fitted the wheels on the car too... IMG_4042 by Stefan Clarke, on Flickr Looks good I think... I did notice something a little off on the rear drivers side wheel bearing tho... Anyone see anything wrong here? IMG_4037 by Stefan Clarke, on Flickr So... Thats really as far as I have got with the car... work and the lack of funding has halted play on the MK3. I do have some pressing issues to take care of tho: New lock set needed - Drivers door lock is just spinning in the handle. So the lock barrel is knackered and needs replaced. £30 for a full set from Heritage so they are on there way. No Headliner - The old one was ripped and sagging so I removed it. If anyone has a decent headliner for a sunroof model, let me know. I will even remove it. Front bumper mounts - Side mounts are broken. Bolts that go into the metal crash bar are all seized and snapped off the in the bar so will need to drill these out. Thats why the bumper is off in the pic above. Rear wheel bearings need changed It needs a rear drivers arch Central locking not working The overall plan for the car is a VR6 engine, bigger brakes, refurbed Comps and a damn good tidy up really. Don't want to go too mad but lets get real here... Oh... and my mate Brian got his "frickin laser" out and made me some side badges! Look swish I think! IMG_4007 by Stefan Clarke, on Flickr IMG_4005 by Stefan Clarke, on Flickr More to come!
  4. Guilty pleasure cars

    The want is strong for a 55 Belair Gasser
  5. B3 Passat

    It needs a VR doe!
  6. Screwfix do them for £20 man. Cheapest place I've found them for sale. Alternatively... I have one I could lend you if youd be interested
  7. You really need to be able to take abuse... Haha!
  8. Mk4 R32

    I think I seen this a few weeks ago at the McDonalds on Kennedy Way. Looks very, very nice man.
  9. Syncro T25 getting there

    Really enjoying this thread man.
  10. My Vento! (Update) 25/06/10

    The thread is over 4 years old and David has since broke the car man.
  11. Vento project :) new interior :)

    Shame…. I love blue interiors. Liking it so far man
  12. My new project TDI racer

    Hmm… If it was me, Id go with a wastegated turbo for simplicity sake. Something like a HE221W would be a nice quick spooler.
  13. Fatmans Mercedes 190D

    I suppose an update would be in order. The car was meant to be at Dubshed but with uni, work and the Merc fighting me at every turn… It just didn't happen . However, its slowly but surely getting there. Nearly everything on the list above has been sorted except the cuts and drivers door lock. I could bore you all with pictures of the parts Ive bought but it would probably be easier just to list them: New front and rear discs New front and rear pads New handbrake shoes New rubber flex brake hoses all round New front wheel bearings New ball joints New ARB bushes New rear camber arms New front and rear flex discs New prop shaft bearing and bush New rear drop links New handbrake cables New track rod ends New battery New battery tray New alternator belt, tensioner and water pump pulley and much, much more!! Essentially, every rotational part and wear item on the car is being replaced as I plan to daily the car for the foreseeable future and don't want any problems arising. Anyways… Along with getting the car road worthy, I also have been sorting some wheels for the car. These I had kicking about from the MK3 and decided to throw them onto the car after ordering a new set of adapters from Adaptec (nightmare… complete and utter!). DSC_0071 by fperformance, on Flickr DSC_0074 by fperformance, on Flickr DSC_0075 by fperformance, on Flickr DSC_0076 by fperformance, on Flickr It could do with coming down a little at the front but the sump is probably gonna be an issue… I think I'll have to look into getting a sump guard made up and maybe some form of engine spacers… hockey pucks probably lol. Comments welcome!
  14. mk1 Coilovers

    Get the KWs rebuild man. One of the best on the market. I'm going to be running a set of Avo coilovers on my MK1… eventually. If your stuck for a set and just looking something cheap and cheery to nip about on and keep it low, then I have a brand new set of JOM Bluelines that I will be selling shortly
  15. Fatmans Mercedes 190D

    I know its not *** but there isn't another section for non *** stuff so Ill just put this here lol. The most impulsive purchase I have ever made... and I make alot of them lol. I took a notion for a 190 and was looking at a few on Gumtree and on forums really just to gauge prices, parts availability, and common problems. Then I remembers a friend of a friend that had one I had seen at Castlewellan and ask him to see if it was for sale... It was... and within two days it was dropped at Connor's house so I could do a little work to it before bringing it home to mine. As far as I know the car used to belong to Dmorris on RMS a few years ago and I always love it. So... heres the car: Untitled by fperformance, on Flickr Now I wasn't expecting a minter... nothing I buy ever is. So heres a small summary of some of the issues I have found: Heater motor is making an awful sound Wipers don't work Propshaft couplings are shot resulting in a massive thud when you take your foot off the throttle in any gear lol No coolant in the car... just water Very few of the dash lights work Headlight wipers are missing a blade (gonna remove them as they look a little messy up front) C Pillar vents have been rashly resprayed in satin black Front wings are a little rusty Rear windows dont work A number of the switches have the clips broken on them so they fall in behind the dash And the creme de la creme... Its on cuts! *facepalm* Drivers door lock doesn't open Needs serviced Luckily Ive been on the hunt for parts and have the majority of them to get it all rectified. Anyways... this is how it sits now: Untitled by fperformance, on Flickr The plans are to have it on some wheels and bring it to dubshed... should be done before then right? Right?!?!