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  1. 2.0T v 2.0TDi ?

    i posted a thread on this very same subject and got a lot of positive comments and encouragement to buy a tfsi. That really was my intention until i remembered that the mrs was dropping a day in work and would prob need to re- assess the financial situation so i played safe and bout a 2008 s line a3 sportback tdi 140. Now, its a lovely thing to drive and a real smart looking car, especially in white, but that said there is a large part of me still wants a gti mk5. some would argue that i should be happy with i bought and dont get me wrong, i am, its just every time i see a friggin mk5 gti i think ....grrrrrrr i should have just bought one! i guess i wont know the real difference in cost of running until i own and drive one for any length of time. We all know the mpg will be at least 12 less. fuel cost difference doesnt factor really as the gti's are better run on super which is equivalent price to derv, its the risk of something expensive having to be replaced on the tdi that i reckon will make the difference in cost noticable in the long run.......... could debate all day i guess
  2. A3 help

    Sorry matey, havent been on in a while. He's from carrick but can travel
  3. A3 help

    A friend of mine has a 2004 a3 2.0 tdi and is having issues with lights. He fitted some led bulbs a while back and is having a variety of issues since. At the minute he has no reverse lights and as a result the parking sensors have stopped working too. Having done some digging online the opinion seems to b to ditch the led bulbs and then nab someone with a vagcom to do a light control unit reset. Sound plausible? If so he is based in carrick but obviously can travel if anyone local has a vagcom and wont stitch him for a fortune to perform a reset? Thanks in advance
  4. TDI vs GTI / CUPRA

    Thanks for all the replies! really helpful! i'm prestty much sold on the idea its just the old nerves because i'm so used to diesel economy. its taking the leap and not regretting it two months down the line
  5. TDI vs GTI / CUPRA

    Morning all apologies, i know i'm likely covering old ground here. Have driven VAG diesels for years now, mostly for economy but also like the way they drive. However, i have been wanting either a mk5 golf GTI or Leon Cupra / TFSI for a couple of years but keep talking myself out of it because of the difference in fuel costs. I have had numerous TDI's over the years, some with more issues than others. currently driving a leon 150 PD which ive had for many years but its due a change and i have it provisionally sold. Have had a few mates with 170TDI leons that have had hurrendous issues, mostly injectors and DPF nightmares and my wife drives a 2011 1.6 TDI bluemotion golf which is a lovely car to drive but not quick in any shape or form. obviously the 140 TDI would be the in between but have no experience of them apart from hearing the BLB nightmare stories. anyway, i'm looking to call on the experience of those that either have both a TDI and GTI or have had both at some point, just for true comparison. I have driven a TFSI leon and it drives very very well. I'm doing about 13 / 14k a year and going on whats mentioned online i would be looking at about 15mpg drop given that i average around 44 / 45 in the leon. my journey to work is 14 miles, mostly cruising 60/70mph on A roads. purchase price between a diesel and petrol secondhand doesnt really factor in this as i have an amount to spend and will find something in that price bracket , its the running costs i'm interested in your feedback for. fuel / servcicng / parts etc. I know some will argue if i'm questioning mpg on a petrol turbo i shouldnt even be thinking about the change and maybe thats fair though its a dilema ive had for years and i cant shake the want for a gti at all. any comments / thoughts appreciated
  6. Audi A4 TDI Issues

    havent actually heard from him in a few days since the first few suggestions. must ring him tonight and see how he got on. thanks for all the suggestions
  7. Audi A4 TDI Issues

    will try that guys, thanks
  8. Gents having issues with a 2006 A4 Avant 2.0TDI. Think its a 170 but not 100%. could be a mapped 140. a friend of mine has it in the workshop at the minute. It came to him with a blown turbo. The intercooler and exhaust was full of oil on arrival and into the inlet etc. turbo was replaced. intercooler and exhaust were both cleaned out. oil was changed. on a test run there is no power before 2000 revs. once she clears 2000 its full bore, flying, going as it should, not smokey. has been checked for vacuum leaks -- nout visible. we have blocked off egr valve to check, no difference. maf sensor disconnected, no difference. anyone ever seen one behaving in a similar fashion? the exhaust was full of oil so we are surmising possible issues with dpf after contamination?? i should also say, the turbo was supplied by london turbos. there appears to be an additional stud on the old turbo that the new one does not have, perhaps for vein adjustment? any pointers appreciated. cheers
  9. Hello all, looking for a number for wilbert fleck. He worked on an air cooled VW camper belonging to one of our company directors and we are trying to get hold of him just to ask him a question. I have a mobile for him but it just rings out and goes to voicemail. have left messages but no response. thats been the case for a few weeks now. think it may be the wrong number. anyone have an up to date number for him? cheers
  10. 2007 Golf GT TSI 170 yay or nay?

    Thanks for the feedback. Yeah think a test drive is in order.
  11. need a change to a 5 door and have spotted a nice low mileage GT golf TSI 170 that appears to be worth the dough. full dealer history. Had a nosey round various forums via google and i'm getting mixed feedback. some folk say they are a great job while some say to stand well clear. I see a few posts about engine failures , pistons etc. anyone any experience of these engines? any feedback is welcome many thanks
  12. audi TT225 New toy

    brilliant cars these had one myself for about 8 months. a real pleasure to own and drive. still miss it health to drive
  13. Hello all. Got a bit of an issue with my dads A4 avant. she's an SE so its never had the firmest suspension in the world but it has developed a trait that i dont like. My dad says he doesnt notice it but he's probably got used to it. I notice it because my motor is as tight as a drum and when i step into the audi its so obvious there is a problem but i dont knwo what it is. Seems to be worse up over 40 mph but the car feels like its wandering on the road and i constantly feel the need to correct the steering. she's running on 18" rs6's but has been for years and ive never noticed anything like this in it before. it almost feels at times like the body of the car is loose on the running gear and that there is sideways movement between them. its really un-nerving and the car feels nervous on the road and twitchy. My dads mechanic is a maticulous wee bugger and rarely misses things. he's had a look and can see nothing wrong with it. the car is well serviced and it only has 97k on it. You all know SE models never feel "tight" in the suspension department but something is definetly amiss here. Any ideas?
  14. Hello Guys n Gals A mate of mine bought a 1998 mk4 1.4 petrol 5 door golf. There is a front loading cd player in the vehicle but no sound from speakers on any volume. Tried another cd player in the car and no different. checked all the connections and all seems well but no volume. is there a built in speaker amp perhaps? anybody ever seen this before and know what is causing it? any help appreciated many thanks
  15. What have you done to your car today?

    just phoned the mechanic about mine to see if the new clutch is fitted yet. lol