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  1. Mk3 GTi daily - the car I'm "not modifying"

    The KWs are class looking, and was that a sledge holding the bonnet up? lol
  2. MK3 Golf Project

    Just adding a pic of the finished loft to the thread. Turned out rather well
  3. Back in a Mk3 Golf!

    No further with this? Really like the corvettes!
  4. MK3 Golf Project

    Never took the time to update this! Went to Castlewellan and enjoyed the day but it really couldn't hold a candle to some of the stuff on show. Had the us bumpers on and loved the rear one but the front is a vento bumper and im still not sure i like it. Was a good day out and she didn't let me down at all. There was however a little misdemeanor on the motorway on the way home but we'll not say much more than that lol. Went up to silent valley and took a couple of pics, didn't take any at the show. She cleaned up well for not being painted bar the US bumpers! Since then i have done a chassis notch and fitted my uncles old 300mm steering wheel that he used to have on his mini or mk2 escort! Just enjoyed driving it over summer and got up to the port a couple of sunday nights and people seem to like it, although everyone thinks it a VR6. Still doesnt idle right, but its tucked up in the shed for winter with some plans for next year if i could ever find the cash to spend on it. She lay down on me way back in May where the coil pack just decided it didnt want to work anymore and left me at tech in the rain. Obligatory recovery picture lol Went to the classic car show with my dad there last weekend and came across the Jenvey throttle bodies stand... It has brought upon me an insatiable urge to go full race mode with the golf so watch this space. Recaros sold already and looking for a good looking but comfortable set of bucket seats. The want for a MK1 still hasnt left though. Ideally id have a MK1 with the ABF but funds dont allow it at the moment. Some day New storage area for the golf, below the loft. Bit of a DIY job thats turned out pretty well Also a pretty cool rolling shot taken on a friend iphone on the way home from Titanic dubs, which i didn't enter. Thanks for reading!
  5. My NewHolland... Blue MK3 Golf Concept

    I think the KWs were cool on it, wouldn't mind a set for mine. The side badges are a nice detail too
  6. MK3 Golf Project

    Flew through mot this morning! Finally on the road. Lowered her a bit today and il see what problems I run into then decide to go lower or not. Jom coil overs are completely horse btw, bouncy as get out. Even the fk's in my Leon are better. Need to get some decent pictures of the height it's at. Putting the golf front back on as I'm not really set on the vento front. The exhaust is still a bit droney, it is very noisy from 1500-2000, pleasant enough between 2000-3000 and above 3000 it gets really notey. Ideally I'd like it to be quiet-ish before 3 and noisy after that. What backbox do you folk run on the mk3 cause I think I want to change mine. Just gonna drive for a bit now and start bodywork and paint after I finish tech in June. Hopefully have her pleasing me for castlewellan time.
  7. MK3 Golf Project

    Thanks Gethin. No I didn't install a new master or slave they are both working ok. I adjusted the gear linkage last night and it seems to have helped when selecting first as it was stiff and I think it was for that reason that the MOTer put it down as a defect. He wouldn't give her any revs to get off the rollers like so what can ye expect really. Left her up at Powerflow tonight for a centre silencer so that'll hopefully get her through the retest and I got some oil switches and a sensor from vwheritage so that'll hopefully stop the leak too
  8. MK3 Golf Project

    I was in with him on the rollers and he was having bother selecting gears and kept stalling it trying to drive off em. Also pushed it onto the lift. Thing is when I jumped into car after test for driving home, clutch was fine, so I don't know how to diagnose a working clutch.
  9. MK3 Golf Project

    Failed MOT this morning on an excessively noisy exhaust, an apparently faulty clutch mechanism (which works when I drive her) and an oil leak. Would have surprised me if it passed anyway to be honest. Going to get a centre silencer put in next week and get a retest booked asap. The oil pressure switches were both leaking so I've ordered them from vwheritage. Mot man must have stalled car at least ten times, the lightened flywheel isn't easy to drive but it's not that hard like. Don't know what to do about clutch, just bleed again and hope for the best. Nowhere near the emissions limit even with the dummy cat! Not be long until I'm surprising vr6s ?
  10. Running better now! Changed the rotor arm and cleaned up the distributor cap and that seems to have settled its head with any misfires now. Thanks for the suggestions guys
  11. I wouldn't know but i would imagine the exhaust was welded up off the car and the car not touched. Why do you ask? Car was plugged in last night and there was an intake temp sensor code, a knock sensor code and a engine speed sensor code. Got rid of the air and knock sensor code by replacing sensor and tightening up knock sensors. Cleared codes and went for a drive. Seemed to take longer, but sure enough car started misfiring and cutting out. Nursed it home and plugged it in and no codes show up but live test still reads odd revs, like 75 or 130 rpm when its ticking over, which would point to the brand new engine speed sensor being goosed as well. Changed ignition coil for the one out of the breaker i have and the spark was sharper and more blue, but still engine cutting out when hot. Seen a possible spark leakage so im looking for a distributor cap today and nowhere does them so i might have to trailer the car down to MOT, because it runs fine when its heating up. Changed the ecu and fuel relay but no difference.
  12. Back in a Mk3 Golf!

    Looks good mate, keep the updates coming
  13. MK3 Golf Project

    Got the golf back from Powerflow on Wednesday Happy with exhaust, looks really good but it is seriously noisy it might as well be straight piped but it does has a single silencer. Dummy cat fitted so might not pass mot. Will need another silencer in the future. Ive posted in the engine section but basically car misfires and cuts out when hot and will restart and run until it heats again. Not a good problem to have three days before mot. Hopefully get her diagnosed tomorrow night to see if it's anything obvious. It's never handy though, here's hoping.
  14. Got exhaust on Wednesday and car was running rich but it seems like it settled down. Idling fine at this point. When home, took car on a road test and got it up to temp. Suddenly started with the odd misfire when pulling under load like on a hill etc. and then finally cut out. Thought maybe it was outta petrol but no and it started OK after maybe 5-10 mins when's it had cooled a bit. Since changed plugs, Ecu relay and fuel pump relay but no difference. Car is now idling badly and revving from about 1000 to 1500 when standing, also seems to rev up when I clutch the car. Very annoying problem and I've searched high and low on google but no definitive answers. To make matters worse I have mot on Wednesday so I need it sorted Asap. Thanks in advance
  15. MK3 Golf Project

    Don't push me over the edge it was enough work getting the engine running right lol Yeah I have the bit of threaded bar to mount the bottom of the seats but I need a way to latch them back, maybe just put the old ones in for mot. As I mentioned before, I sent away the tax book with the conversion on it but they sent me back a tax book with my ABF engine number on it but still 1400cc so somebody messed up at Swansea. Best outcome for me like but I my have to send it back and get it done right when I have her on the road. Getting car back from Powerflow tomorrow which is pretty exciting