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  1. I've been meaning to but this up for a long time but here goes a long first post for it I had a mk2 ryder for a daily which was getting rough after 2 years of serious abuse so about Christmas 2012 my dad talked me into buying this mk3 GTi 8v he'd seen. I was happy enough as it was an early car, only 80k on it and was a nice upgrade with a bit more power and electric windows (and power steering which I hate). My only plan for it was to lower it, tidy it up and change the wheels as I had a Polo to build (still have ffs) As I got it: About 4k mile later the headgasket went when hammering it on the back roads to work. Never having changed one or a belt it took us near a week of evenings to fix and clean/paint as we went leaving the bay like this: I got the coilovers in and fitted some US markers to the bumper: I broke one of the 17s so went through a set of mk4 steels then ended up with standard but tatty VR6 wheels. VAGE Fermoy 2014 was approaching as the trusty mk3 needed work for mot. I replaced the rear arches, upgraded the front brakes to 288mm (with new discs and pads all round), new handbrake cables, tyres, lowered the rear a bit and a window regulator and we were off to Cork: I picked up an obd1 VR6 conversion and decided I'd sit on it til I had time to fit it. Christmas 2014 Lee got me a Magnex system for the car and we decided that would be the time to swap the engine. A week of ******* about and I was 0.8 of a litre and 2 cylinders up. Woo The coilpack with the engine had a broken post and I didn't fancy forking out for a new one when this worked fine so the diy skills came into play: Lee and I met Brian and Sophie for a run up the coast to test the new engine (his is the red v6 coupe in the pics) and I wore through the sump and had to limp it home (loosing about a litre of oil every 20miles): This is where s*** gets funny. The car i wasn't modifying was lowered and had an engine swap. That was me happy. I parked the car up for a week to get the parts and when I came back to it a rat had chewed the wiring loom and got in and ate the seats, carpets, parcel shelf, door cards and more wires. Anything not chewed got s*** and pissed on. I was ******* livid and if it had been some car I didn't care about it would have been scrapped. I got a full interior and had planned to repair the damage and fit the interior when I had the wonderful idea to paint the car. The next 4 months seen the car stripped and repaired and painted in my dad's single garage and put back together. I got new plastics where possible and dyed the others, new badges, new rear lamps, changed the standard skirts for textured ABT ones, removed the rear wiper and numerous other wee bits and pieces (reading those few lines back makes those months seem worthless that they can be condensed into something so simple) A few pics from then til now: That brings us up to date (well done if you're still here) The colour is manila green and the car is kind of a nod of the mk1 (you'll see this with the wheels and wee bits round the car like the mk1 gear gator and Golf ball gear knob). Also the yellow colour concept interior is getting dyed tan so ignore that. I dropped the wheels off for machining so once they're done they'll see paint and get bolted up when I've the dishes polished. I still need to buff the bonnet properly, fit the fuel flap, washer jets and hockey puck the front mount to lift the sump up but I'm just happy to get driving it again as the diesel work van is killing my soul. I'll update as I go along from now on so updates should be easier read lol Connor
  2. Not many changes from the last post. Just enjoying putting more miles on the car. I did a deal for a full R32 set up with the guy breaking the car in October. This was good to give me time to put away a few quid more. He messaged me a few hours later to say the car jumped the timing so that took the wind out of my sails. After that I decided to stop looking as I'm currently trying to buy a house then @puzzlement13 messaged me to say she knew of a 2.8 24v engine from a 4motion Golf in Wales. Needless to say I cant resist a good deal (or changing bits on the car) so a few days later Otis was sitting infront of his new set up It'll be a while before I get it fitted but that'll give me time to change the head gasket, chains, crank seal etc and tart the thing up. I always felt my engine and gearbox let the bay down when you looked in closely so gona go mad on this. After Castlewellan on Saturday I stopped for a few pictures with @c11ris in his mk2 and Nelly in his mk5. Connor
  3. Back in a Mk3 Golf!

    Im sure you're glad to be making progress. Be good to have another mk3 around
  4. What have you done to your car today?

    I normally like them but the top seems very dark there. Is it smoked or black?
  5. Mk3 Golf Cab #nohomo

    After some peer pressure from a few dubious friends I picked this up during the week. I've no idea why I have it or what I'm going to do with it but I know it wont stay standard although what happens will be on a tight budget. 131k on it, full stamped service history to 110k with mots, everything works including electric hood, glass back window, no rips or tears. Bodywork lets the car down really. No rot or welding which is rare for a mk3 but a bit scabby and it's been keyed. That'll be sorted though. I'm the least likely looking convertible man ever but I love this lol Connor
  6. Mk3 Golf Cab #nohomo

    Still have this wee cab. A boring update more so to keep a record. Passed it's MOT retest after failing on a split track rod end boot and a "corroded/pitted front disc offside outer". I replaced the track rod end and stuck 2 new discs on the front. When doing so I discovered no bad corrosion or pitting to either disc. These are the failed discs During the retest I brought up about the discs showed them to them. The tester agreed they should not have failed but once you leave the centre you can't complain. Total s***e but not much I can do now. Mileage is 132212 so just over 1000miles in a year. The underside is still weld free and everything is great condition. Not the norm for a mk3 Golf lol Connor
  7. What have you done to your car today?

    Good job. Something i would like to do
  8. Castlewellan 2017 - 24th June 2017

    Me!! Fav show of the year
  9. Pistolpete's Mars Red Mk1 GTi Build Thread

    Haha sorry about that but I would rather have said than let you miss something potentially. Yeah it is unfortunately. Im glad you still update your thread though. Its a good read.
  10. Pistolpete's Mars Red Mk1 GTi Build Thread

    Good work as always. Loving the back axle build. In the 2nd pic though is the brake line kinked or just the angle of the pic?
  11. Cheer @Coltwee No major updates. Currently have 300miles on air and all good so far. Absolutely loving having the car out and about again. My friend Brian lasered me a cover panel for my compressor in the air build Connor
  12. "old" petrol and diesel cars

    Im all for getting old diesels off the road. Petrol power!
  13. Not too many photo updates as it was mostly wee bits and pieces. Sorted my stance out with spacers then looked at out to make it more permenant without spacers. I fitted 20mm spacers behind the stub axles so my adapters work as before and the wheels fit as normal. This took me 2 nights as I snapped 2 of the bolts and had to drill them out. Fun times there. The fronts i have a 5mm spacer on which bugs me. If i get 2 more wheel centres from the rear wheels and fit them to the front rims that will give me 6mm more without a spacer but that'll be well down the line. Some wiring was done under the bonnet and a few bits tidied here and there. The heater matrix got binned as the air filter was in the way of the hoses. Something I wont miss but I think Lee will. I'll wire up the heated seats at some point though for her. That was the car read for the road bar needing a serious detail again. With running down to the wire for the Cars at the Mill show I couldn't book to get it down. Lee, Paddy and I give it a quick go over with SRP to try hide some swirls and a coat of 100 yr old turtle wax wax as I cant find my 50 Cal stuff. This is how we finished up: It wouldn't be me unless something happened and on the way to Cars at the Mill my arch liner caught the wheel and ripped itself out scattering itself over the m1. Other than that the first 100odd mile on air has been great. I picked up a top 5 trophy at Cars at the Mill and before we left I grabbed a quick photo after the show http://i226.photobucket.com/albums/dd72/Connor_McCann/Mobile Uploads/20170501_003820_zpsl16mcssr.jpg[/IMG]
  14. 4wd Rolling road

    Off the top of my head ECC in lisburn will have a 4wd one. Where do you live?
  15. New

    Welcome. What shape polo have you?
  16. With work being busy coming up to Easter and Dubshed etc I had hardly got near the car til the week off I had for easter. I got the wheels back from acid dipping at dubshed thanks to @c11ris who brought them up with his RMs. I gave them a coat of etch primer, high build, colour and clear. But as usual this wasnt straight forward. I got a gold mixed that I liked and took it home to open it and hate it. I did this a 2nd time and opened it to find metallic brown so I mixed the 2 together and got something I liked and went with that. The insides of the barrels got stripped and a quick coat of silver to tidy them and the lips got repolished to bring them up after 2 years of neglect. After many tries i couldnt route the heater matrix hoses as neat as id like around the air filter so the matrix had to go. That again meant dash out which at this point is like brushing my teeth. Next up was to reroute a few wires from reverting back to the standard manifold. Ive still to loop out the matrix but this is how the bay looks for now Thanks to Simon at Lurgan Tyre Centre I got my tyres refitted and today I spent the day playing with wheel spacers and fitment now i have the air up and running. The back has been no problem but the front I needed an extra 10mm lower to keep me happy. The struts came back out and I rebuilt them to get that last wee bit down. Once back in the airlines were fixed to their final location after testing them and this is where I'm at now Connor
  17. Dubshed 2017

    Some pics in that link for you
  18. It's hard to believe another year has passed and we have Dubshed, the NI show season opener, over us already. For those who attended it was clear that this year, like the others before it, was an example of the shows growth in many ways Read all about it here https://shedsixty2.wordpress.com/2017/04/18/dubshed-2017/ Connor
  19. Just the shaft of one. Its a great job lol
  20. As usual no plain sailing for me. Thanks to @c11ris the centres of my wheels are off getting acid dipped. I got my front shocks back from Reynolds Engineering who did a great job. Couldn't be more pleased. I got the bags fitted to them and spaced the top mount to clear and offered them up. This is when I realised that I couldn't fit my wheels and check the drop as they had no centres. I tried the standard vr6 wheels forgetting they don't fit over the 312mm brakes. Go me! So I fitted the 15s on the rear and swapped the borrowed wheels to the front. The huge tyres are catching the arches and holding the car up so I cant see what drop I'm getting and they've also pulled my arch trims off. Go me x2! The rear drop on 15s Front with the RS on. If it drops another 12mm the arch lip will be in line with the wheel lip and i will be more than happy And with the KW Turbo I plumbed my gauges in and have a bad leak from one so I've ordered a new fitting. I then wired the bulbs in them to the headlight switch and I'll paint the bulb green to watch the dash light colour. The gauges are much crisper looking in person. I just cant get a good pic Last night then I decided to make a start on my wheel refurb. I started with the centre nuts. 3 hrs at the polisher give this before and after Stay tuned for more f*** ups Connor
  21. Bit more progress I got my front shocks back from being machined. Waited 4 weeks and returned untouched so needless to say I wasnt happy. Thanks to @kyle.j1 I found someone else to do them so hopefully shouldn't take too long. I ran the front airlines while waiting on the shocks. Having routed some with a friend inside the car and out the chassis legs I tried a different approach with mine. Out the rear wheel arch, under the car using the fuel line clips, along side the chassis legs and into the front wheel arch. Everything is well solid so I'm happy with that. I've never been happy with my wheels. A temp paint job turned out to be still on 2 years later so thanks to @PaddyN for splitting them. The centres will be acid dipped and repainted. My switch box arrived and some toying with the soldering iron had it wired to the manifold. I'll run this up the car to sit in the centre console. While at the switch box I made up a small loom to run the compressor and wired everything to the ignition. To finish off I mounted my 2 dual needle Viair gauges into the centre console. I made this in MDF and trimmed it in vinyl. These will be fitted with green bulbs and wired to the dash lights to tie in with the rest of the car. Once the actually work was done we played about and put one of Matt's 17" RSs on and one of his KW Turbos on. Makes me wana buy expensive wheels Connor
  22. Passat pd130

    Is the B6 the electric handbrake model? Or do you mean a b6 a4?
  23. Cheers Michael. I'd say it'll stay. Bit more done. Was at it yesterday and couldn't get going at all so come at it fresh today and did better. When running on coilovers I was running 6N Polo rears. The are the same fit as mk3 rears but much shorter so I could run low and keep the springs tight and therefore legal. These were too short for building my bag set up so I nabbed the rear set from my convertible to use. Here is a comparison of the 6N and Golf rears. Note the bottom of the Golf strut is wound fully in still and the Polo is fully out and still seriously shorter: Here are the coilovers with the bag fitted: And bolted up to the car: Next up we cut a hole for the air line to run through and this will be sealed with a 20mm cable gland when I can find where I put them lol. The line is hidden with parcel shelf fitted: I'm still waiting on my front shocks, switch box and wiring components arriving so I nabbed some switches and ghetto rigged it together for a short video. It'll lift quicker with the tank at full pressure. Also it's being held up with the tyres in the arch so could drop lower (not that I want it too). I can also wind the bottom of the coilover up around 100mm to give me more lift overall too. Video of it working https://youtu.be/hB24Bsjdxes And a pic of it airred out Next up is to get the front sorted then I'll play with the stance to get it sitting how I want. Connor
  24. Ok so still no shocks back yet so tinkering away at other bits. I like things to be tidy even if they will rarely be seen so i got the bulkhead fittings linked up and mounted the tank drain on a wee L bracket so its within easy reach for use as seen on the left of this picture. I hate seeing them left loose. Next up was to get the leds mounted and test them out so this is how they look Im waiting on wiring to make a loom to run the suspension so I started back under the bonnet. Rocker cover mounted, plastics on, leads on, rocker cover breather hose mounted, new intake pipe mounted and currently trying to work out what the last 3 2pin plugs are for I've been in 2 minds about putting a gauge on the tank. I think its cleaner without it but I like the idea of making sure everything is as should be so ordered one anyway. My dad's compressor has the exact same gauge so I tried it and its not the worst looking. It might stay. Who knows? http://i226.photobucket.com/albums/dd72/Connor_McCann/Mobile Uploads/20170307_215542_zps1sg2yyug.jpg[/IMG] http://i226.photobucket.com/albums/dd72/Connor_McCann/Mobile Uploads/20170307_215539_zpsjez8kj4p.jpg[/IMG] Dubshed in 4 weeks so needless to say I have a panic on Connor
  25. @pistolpete i actually really enjoy doing brake lines and making them tidy. Just transferred my skills onto bigger piping lol