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  1. Methanol/water injection

    Nice one. The coolingmist can run all meth too tho you wouldnt really want to cos you'd lose some cooling from the water (apparently lol)
  2. Excellent Gav! Thanks. Though there seems to be loads of opinions and not many facts lol. General opinion seems to be that you need to try a few different valves to see which one works best

    What I would like to know is... were the filters meant to be changed? VW doesn't change the filters at every service. He still shouldn't have been charged for them obviously and I find it hard to believe a mixup in invoicing because the reg number and customer details would be on all the paperwork. I wouldn't deal with Hurst unless they had a particular car I wanted and I couldn't find one anywhere else. Heard too many bad reports about them too
  4. Just for Stocky

    The only bit I don't like is that mess under the front number plate
  5. If they use spring steel for the wire it would be impossible to dent it because it would be under compression inside the silicone. I'm just guessing I didn't think they could control the temperature in the booth. It was about 20.5 outside according to the dash readout. Don't think the fan does anything other than blow air from outside. If it was possible I would have preferred to be on the dyno at 9am when it was 13 deg but they had a skyline strapped down then for mapping Must have been annoying to spend the cash then find out about the leak later. I must check the retaining screws on my map sensor. They aren't self tappers now. Some threadlock might be a good idea. I take it you have the K03S tubro? The shape of the plot curves are pretty much identical to mine. Next time you are on the rollers get them to try a 5th gear run. I got more power in 5th than 4th. (6 speed box) What is supposed to be the difference between the c and j N75 valves? I don't know much about them. The fmic makes such a difference to power delivery. The power comes in so much earlier and much smoother. With the standard ic the power curve was up and down like a rollercoaster and you could feel that on the road.
  6. Oooooh that looks sweet. Better lookin than the APR one actually. APR is £120 +vat and carriage from awesome gti. Forge one is £103 +vat and carriage from the same place. It doesn't mention if the Forge one is wire reinforced so I imagine that would be the only difference. Could be that it wouldn't make any diference if it was reinforced or not but u wouldn't know unless u tested them back to back on a rolling road. I was at ECC yesterday and had my car on the rollers. Wasn't an ideal time to go cos it was 22 degrees on the booth and the engine was off for 5 minutes while they strapped the car down, allowing heat to soak into the inlet manifold but I went away happy because even with the downsides I had more power than I thought - 286.7 lb/ft and 226.1 bhp I did Nm logs with vagcom of each dyno run and though the torque figure was around 20 lbft lower, the bhp figure was within 4bhp of the rollers - go figure. So I have to say Karl was right - don't trust VAGcom readings and just think of it as just a tool to see if altering something gains or loses you power rather than a measurement of peak power. It was still useful to do the logs as the peak Nm figure was down 12 compared to the previous days log which was done in more ideal conditions (on the road and lower ambient temperature)
  7. Things wot I have done (so far) 3" stainless decat downpipe 2.5" Milltek R32 look exhaust system Revo stage 2 remap Carbonio induction kit Hyperboost diverter dump valve 4 bar fuel pressure regulator Coolingmist 40%methanol/60%water injection system with variocontroller Blitz front mounted intercooler These mods have given me a peak of 274lb/ft and 224bhp according to VAGcom but I would like to get it on the rollers to check the figures as apparently VAGcom shows less power than is actually there When I get the cash gathered up I am planning to get an APR reinforced turbo inlet hose. Even with standard boost the original pipe collapses, reducing airflow and is quite restrictive anyway
  8. Was chattin to Karl and he spotted the deliberate mistake lol. I didn't reset the ecu after I installed the fmic! Ok so I did that yesterday morning, reset the throttle body and put about 60 miles up yesterday so the ecu learned from the sensor readings. Today at 1.30pm I went out and did a few logs. Not an ideal time cos it was 20degrees outside but I couldn't wait. Peak power is now 274lb/ft and 224 bhp Also the graph curves are a lot smoother with less lumps and bumps. This is the result I wanted!
  9. My remap is a Revo done by Triple 7 in cooksown. He says the Revo remap for deisels doesn't make it pump out clouds of black smoke like some remaps and gives good power. That is just his opinion btw. Obviously he would say that cos he sells REVO products. Best option is to do plenty of research online first
  10. Hey Gavin! Open your bonnet and have a look willya? Its that wee handle in the driver's footwell hehe. I just pm'd u my number if u want to arrange somethin
  11. Hi Brendy. Yeah I had to cut semicircles out of the underside and grind the lower corner of the right grille opening very thin. Even then had to use 5mm spacer on the lower left bumper mount and 7mm on right one. I'm a bit relieved that you didn't notice much increase in power too lol. Thought I'd done something or was leaking boost. It was worth it for the much quicker spool up and even though the peak power is the same, it covers a lot more rpm. Yeah I'm lovin stage 2 lol. Want more power tho! Now where is that caymen s? Want another crack at ruining his day. I was only able to keep up with him before :twisted:
  12. I like the sound of that :twisted: Keep checking ebay if you don't see a suitable intercooler cos they are always appearing. Meantime check if the route my pipes take are the same as yours. I kept the steel pipe that exits the turbo cos it has other pipes plumbed into it and it is a good size anyway but the deisel is a totally different engine I think.
  13. I got the silicone pipes from http://stores.ebay.co.uk/ZENARacing_W0QQssPageNameZstrkQ3amefsQ3amesstQQtZkm stainless pipes from http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Pipe-Werx-Performance-Exhausts I bought 2.25" pipes but I'm pretty sure 60mm couplings would stretch over the 2.5" pipes (63.5mm). If you have nothing that needs welded to a pipe you could buy alloy ones (I can only weld steel) If you just do a search for intercooler in car and parts on ebay it should bring up loads to look at. What are the big plans you mentioned?
  14. Just did a few data logging runs with VAG-COM. With the original standard intercooler the intake temperatures were 23 degrees at 2300 rpm rising to 33 at 7200 rpm. After fitting the FMIC the temps have dropped to 15 at 2300 and 17 degrees at 7200 rpm peak performance figures haven't changed much - 260 lb/ft and 220bhp. I think either the mapping needs looked at or the rubber air intake pipe and the metal intake pipe on the turbo itself need upgraded. Would the N75 valve be holding it back? Anyone got any advice? :? (edit) By the way, even though the peak figures haven't increased, the power arrives much sooner. At 1840 rpm I am getting an extra 30 lb/ft of torque and it holds the torque peak for an extra 2000 rpm so I guess that is why it feels quicker :roll:
  15. My First Car

    Looks gorgeous m8. I love Mk2s. My dream car is a black standard looking Mk2 with a 225bhp 1.8T from a Leon tuned to 300bhp and 4wd system grafted in :twisted: