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    Back from the hairdressers - MK4 R32

    Long overdue update time... finally got over to Scotland to lift my wheels and they're even more stunning in person. And some obiligitory test fit photos. Borrowed some 20mm adapters off Pete from Paintworkz to see what sizes I need to order. Think I'm gonna go with 25mm for the rear, and either a 15mm or a 20mm for the front.
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    Dubshed 2017

    Again another Awesome Show, huge congrats to all who organised and helped out regards Lenny
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    First update in a while. With work I haven't had much time at the car.I've had a small air tank for a while now and decided to run it until I find something bigger. It got sanded down, primed then finished in textured blackI started my install for the air suspension last weekend. It's a long time from I've done anything like this so good to be back at it. I started with a rough idea in my head and just went for it.I'm running 1/4" copper lines out of manifold to the bulkhead fittings. These will be polished and aligned properly on final fit.Next up is sorting out the 10mm copper lines from the tank to the manifold and some clear plastic for the window above the compressor.I'm happy so far with it but it's only temporary as I'm planning to change the set up already.Connor
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    MK3 Golf Project

    Just adding a pic of the finished loft to the thread. Turned out rather well
  5. 4 points

    SUVs ( Volvo / Chevy)

    Looked at a santa fe, didn't do it for me, virtually no boot and rear seats seemed very close to rear window. So, picked up an 05 XC90 lastnight, semi auto 1owner FVSH. It huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge! Nothing spectacular but I'll try post pic when I get a chance.
  6. 3 points

    Project lol@mpg

    Finally finished it ...will update final stage build pics when I get a chance
  7. 3 points

    Lisburn show Pics 2017

  8. 3 points

    Dubshed 2017

    Computers and things like FB don't float my boat however a car and for "some" reason VW is the ticket for me, so had my first weekend at dubshed last weekend and have to say it was a show of all shows, on the way their I was thinking my car should have been inside on show until I parked up and walked indoors. Serious level of vehicles in this show truly must have taken a mass of organization, big up the GTINI. can't post pictures of show, so if you've got any from show and can please do, Cheer's Fleety..
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    Bit more progress I got my front shocks back from being machined. Waited 4 weeks and returned untouched so needless to say I wasnt happy. Thanks to @kyle.j1 I found someone else to do them so hopefully shouldn't take too long. I ran the front airlines while waiting on the shocks. Having routed some with a friend inside the car and out the chassis legs I tried a different approach with mine. Out the rear wheel arch, under the car using the fuel line clips, along side the chassis legs and into the front wheel arch. Everything is well solid so I'm happy with that. I've never been happy with my wheels. A temp paint job turned out to be still on 2 years later so thanks to @PaddyN for splitting them. The centres will be acid dipped and repainted. My switch box arrived and some toying with the soldering iron had it wired to the manifold. I'll run this up the car to sit in the centre console. While at the switch box I made up a small loom to run the compressor and wired everything to the ignition. To finish off I mounted my 2 dual needle Viair gauges into the centre console. I made this in MDF and trimmed it in vinyl. These will be fitted with green bulbs and wired to the dash lights to tie in with the rest of the car. Once the actually work was done we played about and put one of Matt's 17" RSs on and one of his KW Turbos on. Makes me wana buy expensive wheels Connor
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    MkII golf 3dr blueprint

    Sourced mkII blueprints and decided to make a bit more wall art for the garage! A3 size Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. 3 points
    That's right folks...DUBSHED 2017 prep has begun!! 8th and 9th April @Eikon Centre in Lisburn We plan to make this bigger and better than ever Tickets and entry will be opening at the end of the month Stay tuned for details and check out our GTINI and DUBSHED facebook ages https://www.dubshed.com/
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    Back from the hairdressers - MK4 R32

    Loads of stuff happened on this since the last update. Rear wiper is gone and replaced with a Kill All Wipers delete. I've fitted US tail lights Relocated the air controls to the armrest and got my plate on But the most work has went on with things you can't see. Timing chains were done this week and while we were at it I decided to change the clutch too as although the old one wasn't slipping, there was wear and the pedal feel was awful so it made sense to do it while the gearbox was already off to do the chains. I also had the car mapped by Gavin Black who is now an authorised dealer of Celtic Tuning remaps and although you don't see huge power gains on a NA car, it has made a big difference to the power delivery and the engine is much more free reving than before. Think I'm also going to throw an ITG panel filter in it as well to help the airflow. With the chains, clutch and the map its a completely different car to drive now than it was 2 weeks ago!
  13. 2 points

    Titanic Dubs 30th September 2017

    Just a quick post to remind you guys Titanic Dubs is 30th September this year . A great chilled out day in the historic Titanic dry dock ?? No pre selection ..open to all VAG? Online prepay Entry system will be open shortly
  14. 2 points

    Another Mk1 vRS Octavia

    I had no intention of buying another car as I was very happy with the black vRS but this local example came up in Rally Red with a genuine 47k and I couldn’t refuse. My third vRS Mk1 in 9 months! It was bought new in Howard Abrahams in Lurgan 15 years ago. I bought it of the second owner, an older gentleman who had 4 years who basically did not drive it. I gave it a light detail today, replaced the centre boot badge and wheel centre caps. I have it booked into have the rear spoiler ( common fading issue) and the front bumper redone due to a few kerb scrapes. Its also booked to go in for a full service including the oil pick up pipe. Future plans are a wheel refurb and tidy things as I go.
  15. 2 points
    LED's look good. Today I mostly fitted polyurethane hangers and the one with a chain inside to stop my Milltek hitting the rear beam on the mk2. Thankfully it has worked.
  16. 2 points
    As usual no plain sailing for me. Thanks to @c11ris the centres of my wheels are off getting acid dipped. I got my front shocks back from Reynolds Engineering who did a great job. Couldn't be more pleased. I got the bags fitted to them and spaced the top mount to clear and offered them up. This is when I realised that I couldn't fit my wheels and check the drop as they had no centres. I tried the standard vr6 wheels forgetting they don't fit over the 312mm brakes. Go me! So I fitted the 15s on the rear and swapped the borrowed wheels to the front. The huge tyres are catching the arches and holding the car up so I cant see what drop I'm getting and they've also pulled my arch trims off. Go me x2! The rear drop on 15s Front with the RS on. If it drops another 12mm the arch lip will be in line with the wheel lip and i will be more than happy And with the KW Turbo I plumbed my gauges in and have a bad leak from one so I've ordered a new fitting. I then wired the bulbs in them to the headlight switch and I'll paint the bulb green to watch the dash light colour. The gauges are much crisper looking in person. I just cant get a good pic Last night then I decided to make a start on my wheel refurb. I started with the centre nuts. 3 hrs at the polisher give this before and after Stay tuned for more f*** ups Connor
  17. 2 points

    Bora, MIA

    Got all my bits finally fitted and it going to paint again tomorrow. It will make it to Dubshed but it's highly likely to have minimum interior as I've to much on at work, home, and university!!
  18. 2 points

    Mark 4 V5

    Hi the car is the 170 and I'm now looking at stage 2 remap with miltech exhaust. I've only had the car a month - picked her up in England with 97k on the clock and two owners from new - had good service history and is also the three door which there are not too many around at present. I have had a full check down on it and anything that was dodgy has been replaced with a new like for like part - all oils and filters etc also done and the engine had a wash out as well. The car is really in good condition inside and out apart from the wheels which I'm getting refurbished back to their original look.
  19. 2 points

    Passat pd130

    I've got the 9.7mm cam but I'll also be receiving a 9.9mm cam for the Black Passat. Its a replacement for the original cam I bought from Newmans which wore out prematurely. Anyway the 9.9mm seems to be about the max. you can run using the standard hydraulic tappets. So over the summer I've a bit of work to do on the engines whilst working on a few other projects.
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    Back from the hairdressers - MK4 R32

    Well, anyone who has known me for a while will probably remember my old GTI R32 rep from a few years back. I've always wanted an R32 but at the time insurance was not on my side as I'd only had my license for a few years. After the MK4 GTI I built a decent MK5 GTI and then my Mini. After shooting a magazine feature for the Mini I decided that I couldn't really go much further with it and decided to sell up and look for something new. My friend Louis had recently bought an R32 as a weekend car but he wasn't getting to use it as much as he had hoped so knowing that I liked them he offered it to me. 2003, 92k on the clock and completely standard other than the Airlift suspension setup. It's rough round the edges, very rough infact, and needs some TLC but it was also very cheap so it was worth the gamble. Plans so far are just to tidy it up. The whole front end and one of the skirts need painted, theres a few other marks and a small dent on one of the rear quarters, the drivers seat bolster has a small rip in it and one of the wheels has a bit of kerb damage. After fixing that I don't know what the plans are yet, some sort of exhaust maybe. Had thought about fitting my Corbeau buckets from the Mini but after finding out the standard seats are heated I don't think I'm going to bother.
  21. 2 points
    Dubshed 2017 Online tickets now live! Only a few days after Earlybird advance tickets went online they're already completely sold out! But there is still a great saving to be had over gate ticket price, by purchasing our online advance tickets at £12.95 BUY TICKETS HERE Your online ticket has the same privileges as gate tickets, providing a pass for 2 days of modified cars, outdoor motorsport entertainment, trade stands and lots more... Keep and eye on dubshed.com for more information. Any queries give any of the admin or staff on here a PM, or just comment below...
  22. 2 points
  23. 2 points
    Great night had be all and no major fractures were reported On the podium was : 1, Nigel 'Mansell' Lamont 2. Andrew 'Blomqvist' Maxwell 3, Gwyndaf Evans Will be aiming to hold another night in the spring probably after Dubshed
  24. 2 points
    Bump . meeting at need for speed , ballyclare at 6.45 for a 7pm start
  25. 2 points

    Mk1 Jetta

    Mark Mc Cann up near Toomebridge might still have mk1 bits, I know he did have jetta bits a while back.
  26. 2 points

    Happy Christmas!!!

    Happy Christmas one and all.. plenty of car goodies arriving? ??
  27. 1 point
    Yep, Photobucket have shafted us all and basically ruined Forums like this. I've started using FLICKR, but there's no way I'm re-doing a whole build thread.
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    Titanic Dubs 30th September 2017

    Entry system open on 1st September No selection process If you have a Vag car , get it entered 😎
  29. 1 point

    Project lol@mpg

    Love this!! So few of these about! Serious effort put into this
  30. 1 point

    Project lol@mpg

    Mega motor Nigel, nice to see another Corrado out.
  31. 1 point

    RELOAD Retro Apparel

    Hi guys Just letting you know about a new thing I have started up . Its retro motorsport apparel and acessories business called Reload. Reload offer a range of retro motoring apparel, taking design cues from the era of DTM and Group B rallying. Our top quality T-shirts and hoodies with these designs can be found in our shop section. Reload are proud to be an official stockist for 8380 Laboratories products in the UK and Europe. Bringing you 8380’s stunning motorsport inspired designs from the USA, you can order with confidence knowing you won’t have any unforeseen import charges. Reload bring you features and stories from enthusiastic and obsessive owners, from ‘restored to new’ daily drivers, to those low mileage cars hidden away in filtered air storage bubbles. We are both serial car hoarders and have had many fast cars, hot hatches and modern classics between us. The more we talk about them the more we realise how much money we’ve spent on them over the years, best not to think about that for too long…. Hope you can take a run over and check it out www.reload.global Thanks Nigel
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    Back in a Mk3 Golf!

    Set about getting the MOT sorted this week but needed to sort a few things. Headlights wernt coming on so had to go to a spark to sort it. My tailgate never came with bulb holders so took some from a vento I have for bits and used the ones from it and although they look ok they don't quite fit perfect so il be on the lookout for some from the states. The airbag light was on but it just cleared no issues I then needed a few more wheel bolts as I didn't have enough from when I did the 4 stud to 5 stud conversion. Finally the exhaust was split from the cat to the midbox but all good now. Brought it to MOT yesterday morning and FAILED no big issue as it was only a brake hose and the rear hub was lose. Got bored so only armed with 2 jacks and 1 axle stand as I'd left them at my house I got the coilovers in! I didn't even have wd40 at hand but it went relatively smoothly but trying to set the car down using just a jack was deadly when I had all for corners done. It's starting to take shape now To do list: Fit red GTI badges and red pin stripe. Fit red seat belts. Get MOT retest sorted. The tailgate button isn't great so need to fit a boot popper switch. Wire in 3rd brake light in spoiler. Sort out height after MOT and get wheel alignment done. Split the front US indicators and swap clear lense for orange. Get a new exhaust. Bond side skirts on as they are just screwed on atm. New fuel tank straps as they look horendous. Service. Sort central locking out as it's faulty. Radio only works through one dash speaker. Still a good bit of work to be done before I can daily it over the summer but il get there. I recently acquired some anniversary seat material and I plan to retrim the centres of my CC seats in it. Want them to look something like this:
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    Back in a Mk3 Golf!

    Absolutely Connor it's been a long time coming I think I got them wheels off Stefan nearly a year ago and only getting them on now! Lol
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    Mk3 Golf Cab #nohomo

    Still have this wee cab. A boring update more so to keep a record. Passed it's MOT retest after failing on a split track rod end boot and a "corroded/pitted front disc offside outer". I replaced the track rod end and stuck 2 new discs on the front. When doing so I discovered no bad corrosion or pitting to either disc. These are the failed discs During the retest I brought up about the discs showed them to them. The tester agreed they should not have failed but once you leave the centre you can't complain. Total s***e but not much I can do now. Mileage is 132212 so just over 1000miles in a year. The underside is still weld free and everything is great condition. Not the norm for a mk3 Golf lol Connor
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    That's a lovely looking Golf dude, hard to beatshiny red
  36. 1 point

    What have you done to your car today?

    Upgraded dash bulbs to ultra bright green LEDs. Don't want to do that again in a hurry but some difference. All bulbs had blown. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wheel refurb! Best place?

    Excellent, Polished alloys do them in the end?
  38. 1 point

    Wheel refurb! Best place?

    Looks a great job
  39. 1 point

    "old" petrol and diesel cars

    Im all for getting old diesels off the road. Petrol power!
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    GTINI Stand @ Cars At The Mill 2017

    All the people on the stand if you just say so when you arrive the organisers will have a list follow who's who. Just mention to them when you arrive that your on GTINI and they will take it from there. Nigel will have the GTINI flag banners etc with him so he should be about somewhere. Many thanks for offering you cars and yourselves for the stand.
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    Mk3 GTi daily - the car I'm "not modifying"

    Cheers Michael. I'd say it'll stay. Bit more done. Was at it yesterday and couldn't get going at all so come at it fresh today and did better. When running on coilovers I was running 6N Polo rears. The are the same fit as mk3 rears but much shorter so I could run low and keep the springs tight and therefore legal. These were too short for building my bag set up so I nabbed the rear set from my convertible to use. Here is a comparison of the 6N and Golf rears. Note the bottom of the Golf strut is wound fully in still and the Polo is fully out and still seriously shorter: Here are the coilovers with the bag fitted: And bolted up to the car: Next up we cut a hole for the air line to run through and this will be sealed with a 20mm cable gland when I can find where I put them lol. The line is hidden with parcel shelf fitted: I'm still waiting on my front shocks, switch box and wiring components arriving so I nabbed some switches and ghetto rigged it together for a short video. It'll lift quicker with the tank at full pressure. Also it's being held up with the tyres in the arch so could drop lower (not that I want it too). I can also wind the bottom of the coilover up around 100mm to give me more lift overall too. Video of it working https://youtu.be/hB24Bsjdxes And a pic of it airred out Next up is to get the front sorted then I'll play with the stance to get it sitting how I want. Connor
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    Back in a Mk3 Golf!

    Any word ??
  43. 1 point
    Aye, that's my excuse too. It's all the trapped words I never say
  44. 1 point

    Passat pd130

    Fitted the CR1756 hybrid turbo yesterday and used a braided steel oil feed line, changed the oil and filter and primed the turbo. All seemed to be fine until I went for a drive......no boost. Anyway I thought maybe the vac actuator was sticky, as the turbo has been sitting for about 18 months since I removed it from my other Passat. So I fitted my Mitty vac to check the actuator but movement on the vane rod was fine. So I checked the vac pipes and they all seemed to be ok except I noticed that the tandem pump vac line seemed to be a bit loose. Anyway I went for another drive and this time the brake pedal was solid. So it looks like a vacuum line is loose, off or split between the tandem pump and the servo. So this morning I'll check the pipework to see if anything is loose or split. Hopefully after that I'll get a drive with the cr1756 turbo running 100%. The spare hybrid CR1756 I fitted runs a 56mm compressor with a clip back on the turbine wheel to minimise surge. Also the pad bearing is uprated. The turbo is supposed to be good for 240hp with the correct supporting mods. However I'm only going to fit an uprated side mount; I've have gutted the cat and removed the middle exhaust box so around 200chp will be enough for daily driving. Also the standard 1749va turbo that I removed has no play on the shaft and no oil around it whatsoever so I have a good spare.
  45. 1 point

    hey guys!

    Hey my name is Andrew Walker from down in newry! im a former vw tech and got the bug for vw's from there! have a few waterpumpers about me. mk2 gti and mk3 gl td plus my daily 09 tdi scirocco. great to meet you all!! hopefully be doing a full detailed resto of my mk2 soon so watch out!!
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    I fitted a set of fronts in without much fuss , the rears are awkward by the latches not matching up
  47. 1 point

    Bora, MIA

    New pancake tank to hide everything in the spare wheel well as I'm not found of boot builds that take away from using the car for family jaunts with all the gear included.
  48. 1 point

    New toy....

    Parked in a dark shed and covered in dust, it's the first time she's seen daylight in almost 5 years........
  49. 1 point

    Lisburn Show Sunday 26th April

    http://www.aovc.co.uk/events/view/1106 Cracking wee show this, I've attended past 4or5 years, was originally at Sprucefield. Pics from last year And a slippyspielberg produced video
  50. 1 point
    thanks for that pic again si, just think, with a little burger and coke diet you too could look this lean!