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    Long overdue update time... finally got over to Scotland to lift my wheels and they're even more stunning in person. And some obiligitory test fit photos. Borrowed some 20mm adapters off Pete from Paintworkz to see what sizes I need to order. Think I'm gonna go with 25mm for the rear, and either a 15mm or a 20mm for the front.
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    ive had my interior over with Del at Optimus Automotive in Scotland getting a full retrim in Harris Tweed, here's a few pictures of the finished job. There one of my favourite things about the car even though it's nowhere near finished 😂
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    Again another Awesome Show, huge congrats to all who organised and helped out regards Lenny
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    While Connor was at the brake lines I started to assemble the ancillary parts to the engine. New oil pump. Schimmel Performance oil filter housing and high flow billet water pump Cast thermostat housing and stainless crack pipe from grüven parts And a migfab short runner with billet aluminium fuel rail Still have to work out how to run the sandwich plate for the external oil cooler, without having a standard oil cooler fitted as well. Fingers crossed next week sees some more progress.
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    Got the car through mot last week just in time for our trip to VW Action and Edition 38. On the way across England @Fatman found out these points don't charge every "green" car Also Otis turned 100k miles so I treated him to some V power. Nor sure if I noticed any difference but if I did it's probably to justify the £1.40/litre price lol We arrived at our house for the weekend and we were suitably impressed esp with a nice carport We went to VW Action on the Saturday for the drag racing and booked myself in to run up the strip but unfortunately bad weather killed that so I took a picture instead. Note @stevieturbo Granada creeping in the background We headed for Edition on the Sunday and thankfully the weather was much nicer. After a good clean and clearing up much confusion over my engine we took in the rest of the cars and had great craic. I'll stick a pic of the car from the show field up when im home Also managed to score some r32 disc, pads, calipers and carriers at the auto jumble for a planned big brake conversion over winter On the 695 mile trip the car was great other than a leaky clutch slave cylinder which required a few pumps of the pedal to sort each morning so that's next on the list I'll finish with the mandatory boat queue picture Connor
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    First update in a while. With work I haven't had much time at the car.I've had a small air tank for a while now and decided to run it until I find something bigger. It got sanded down, primed then finished in textured blackI started my install for the air suspension last weekend. It's a long time from I've done anything like this so good to be back at it. I started with a rough idea in my head and just went for it.I'm running 1/4" copper lines out of manifold to the bulkhead fittings. These will be polished and aligned properly on final fit.Next up is sorting out the 10mm copper lines from the tank to the manifold and some clear plastic for the window above the compressor.I'm happy so far with it but it's only temporary as I'm planning to change the set up already.Connor
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    Well, anyone who has known me for a while will probably remember my old GTI R32 rep from a few years back. I've always wanted an R32 but at the time insurance was not on my side as I'd only had my license for a few years. After the MK4 GTI I built a decent MK5 GTI and then my Mini. After shooting a magazine feature for the Mini I decided that I couldn't really go much further with it and decided to sell up and look for something new. My friend Louis had recently bought an R32 as a weekend car but he wasn't getting to use it as much as he had hoped so knowing that I liked them he offered it to me. 2003, 92k on the clock and completely standard other than the Airlift suspension setup. It's rough round the edges, very rough infact, and needs some TLC but it was also very cheap so it was worth the gamble. Plans so far are just to tidy it up. The whole front end and one of the skirts need painted, theres a few other marks and a small dent on one of the rear quarters, the drivers seat bolster has a small rip in it and one of the wheels has a bit of kerb damage. After fixing that I don't know what the plans are yet, some sort of exhaust maybe. Had thought about fitting my Corbeau buckets from the Mini but after finding out the standard seats are heated I don't think I'm going to bother.
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    Just adding a pic of the finished loft to the thread. Turned out rather well
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    Looked at a santa fe, didn't do it for me, virtually no boot and rear seats seemed very close to rear window. So, picked up an 05 XC90 lastnight, semi auto 1owner FVSH. It huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge! Nothing spectacular but I'll try post pic when I get a chance.
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    Now the more exciting stuff. My new precision turbo arrived a few weeks ago and I just had to get it bolted on 😎 havnt decided wether to leave the turbo mounted as it is or flip it around so it sits lower, and the hot/cold sides will be opposite.... The engine was sat into place to check for clearances. My god it's a tight fit. Chassis leg needs a good hit with the sledge to make a bit of clearance for the crank pulley. The drivers side is also going to need a slight notch to stop the driveshaft rubbing. So the engine is back out now, Connor has a lifetime of welding to do. While I go and find a decent engine management set up and someone capable of mapping it. it would be rude not to put up one teaser pic of the stance Matt.
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    Finally finished it ...will update final stage build pics when I get a chance
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    Computers and things like FB don't float my boat however a car and for "some" reason VW is the ticket for me, so had my first weekend at dubshed last weekend and have to say it was a show of all shows, on the way their I was thinking my car should have been inside on show until I parked up and walked indoors. Serious level of vehicles in this show truly must have taken a mass of organization, big up the GTINI. can't post pictures of show, so if you've got any from show and can please do, Cheer's Fleety..
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    Bit more progress I got my front shocks back from being machined. Waited 4 weeks and returned untouched so needless to say I wasnt happy. Thanks to @kyle.j1 I found someone else to do them so hopefully shouldn't take too long. I ran the front airlines while waiting on the shocks. Having routed some with a friend inside the car and out the chassis legs I tried a different approach with mine. Out the rear wheel arch, under the car using the fuel line clips, along side the chassis legs and into the front wheel arch. Everything is well solid so I'm happy with that. I've never been happy with my wheels. A temp paint job turned out to be still on 2 years later so thanks to @PaddyN for splitting them. The centres will be acid dipped and repainted. My switch box arrived and some toying with the soldering iron had it wired to the manifold. I'll run this up the car to sit in the centre console. While at the switch box I made up a small loom to run the compressor and wired everything to the ignition. To finish off I mounted my 2 dual needle Viair gauges into the centre console. I made this in MDF and trimmed it in vinyl. These will be fitted with green bulbs and wired to the dash lights to tie in with the rest of the car. Once the actually work was done we played about and put one of Matt's 17" RSs on and one of his KW Turbos on. Makes me wana buy expensive wheels Connor
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    Sourced mkII blueprints and decided to make a bit more wall art for the garage! A3 size Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So... after an extend hiatus... I'm back in a MK3 again. I thought I had kicked the habit, I had even loaded up whatever parts I had kicking around for a MK3 and gave them to @loeb. All was well. I thought I was out of the game... Wrong! Me and rest of the shedsixty2 guys went to Edition38 in Northampton at the start of September and for three days, I got peer pressured into "going for a look... sure you don't have to buy it!". Now, me being me... this statement usually means "bring cash... you're bringing it home". And well... thats what happened! Now, I'm no stranger to a MK3... I have had a few Ventos and my old TDi MK3: IMG_0582 by Stefan Clarke, on Flickr IMG_0583 by Stefan Clarke, on Flickr IMG_0585 by Stefan Clarke, on Flickr Oh how I loved that car! Anyways... Here is the whip! IMG_3945 by Stefan Clarke, on Flickr It had Airlift suspension, KW turbos and some others bits and bobs on it when I went to look at it... But I wasn't a fan of the KW Turbos and Air Suspension wasn't really for me... didn't line up for what I want to do with the car really... And I couldn't afford the car with it in. The owner was happy to sell the car on standard suspension though so I was happy enough. The KW Turbos where bought by Matt8v on here so it was a good deal for me and Matt. Heres how I got it: IMG_4002 by Stefan Clarke, on Flickr You can see the extensive arch gap in this picture... you can also see where the 'New Holland' is coming from... tractor stance! So... Before I got the car home, I bought a nice set of Compomotive MO5s for it. Nice set but need a refurb and some centre caps... Not too bad tho for £300 with Toyo Proxes all around. IMG_3989 by Stefan Clarke, on Flickr I also bought a set of Koni coilovers out of Matt8vs MK2 seeing as he's upgrading to a full Airlift setup. IMG_4025 by Stefan Clarke, on Flickr Now they need a little TLC... One of the rear adjuster sleeves is cracked, the adjusters themselves are seized on the rear sleeves (both sides) and the front weren't much better... Had to man handle the off with a pipe wrench. But you can buy parts for Koni coilovers from Larkspeed so will be putting together an order at the end of the month with I get paid. IMG_4026 by Stefan Clarke, on Flickr IMG_4033 by Stefan Clarke, on Flickr I also test fitted the wheels on the car too... IMG_4042 by Stefan Clarke, on Flickr Looks good I think... I did notice something a little off on the rear drivers side wheel bearing tho... Anyone see anything wrong here? IMG_4037 by Stefan Clarke, on Flickr So... Thats really as far as I have got with the car... work and the lack of funding has halted play on the MK3. I do have some pressing issues to take care of tho: New lock set needed - Drivers door lock is just spinning in the handle. So the lock barrel is knackered and needs replaced. £30 for a full set from Heritage so they are on there way. No Headliner - The old one was ripped and sagging so I removed it. If anyone has a decent headliner for a sunroof model, let me know. I will even remove it. Front bumper mounts - Side mounts are broken. Bolts that go into the metal crash bar are all seized and snapped off the in the bar so will need to drill these out. Thats why the bumper is off in the pic above. Rear wheel bearings need changed It needs a rear drivers arch Central locking not working The overall plan for the car is a VR6 engine, bigger brakes, refurbed Comps and a damn good tidy up really. Don't want to go too mad but lets get real here... Oh... and my mate Brian got his "frickin laser" out and made me some side badges! Look swish I think! IMG_4007 by Stefan Clarke, on Flickr IMG_4005 by Stefan Clarke, on Flickr More to come!
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    That's right folks...DUBSHED 2017 prep has begun!! 8th and 9th April @Eikon Centre in Lisburn We plan to make this bigger and better than ever Tickets and entry will be opening at the end of the month Stay tuned for details and check out our GTINI and DUBSHED facebook ages https://www.dubshed.com/
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    Loads of stuff happened on this since the last update. Rear wiper is gone and replaced with a Kill All Wipers delete. I've fitted US tail lights Relocated the air controls to the armrest and got my plate on But the most work has went on with things you can't see. Timing chains were done this week and while we were at it I decided to change the clutch too as although the old one wasn't slipping, there was wear and the pedal feel was awful so it made sense to do it while the gearbox was already off to do the chains. I also had the car mapped by Gavin Black who is now an authorised dealer of Celtic Tuning remaps and although you don't see huge power gains on a NA car, it has made a big difference to the power delivery and the engine is much more free reving than before. Think I'm also going to throw an ITG panel filter in it as well to help the airflow. With the chains, clutch and the map its a completely different car to drive now than it was 2 weeks ago!
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    Being no stranger to Skoda ownership, it didn't surprise many when I arrived home from England with vRS number 4 to replace my Fabia. Here's the previous Skoda The Fabia was a great wee car but I just couldn't get used to the size. Something bigger was needed so the hunt was on for a newer Octavia. Then this popped up on eBay. It was petrol so after serious thought (and mainly getting talked into it by Gobsheene and veedubnoodle) I hopped on the plane and brought it home. Now, I was 99% sure I was getting an octavia so a few months earlier when a set of mk3 vrs seats showed up on eBay for fair money, I snapped them up so it wasn't long before they went in with a bit of soldering and fettling. The only bit that couldn't be fettled to fit was the rear lower base so I will be getting the original base trimmed to match. The next thing on the list was suspension. After having an A4 avant on air I wanted to return to that so after a chat with Gavin at DesignRMC I opted for an Airlift 3P system with an OEM / discreet style install. As usual, he didn't disappoint The next thing on the list was to get rid of the wheels which I am not a fan of at all Had these lying about so test fitted a couple and they fitted nicely. They are 20" Audi Q5 wheels. So sent them of for a chemical strip and a respray. When they came back, they were looking a lot smarter Edition38 was getting very close but managed to squeeze in getting the grill colour coded and the car detailed by Chris at Genuine Detailing before we set of on the 700 mile round trip. (Apologies for the long post)
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    More progress today, dropped the rear beam out, burnt out the old bushes and got a coat of paint applied to it Also started on fitting the air set up, got the front struts in, looked into starting to run lines, but came to the conclusion that running plastic air line straight into the struts wasn't going to work, going to have to wait to get some leader lines ordered up before I go any further with it. I'm using camber adjustable solid top-mounts, I was worried about these being too harsh but @loeb is running them on his mk3 and tbh it's no more crashy/uncomfortable than any car running coilovers.
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    Parked in a dark shed and covered in dust, it's the first time she's seen daylight in almost 5 years........
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    I had no intention of buying another car as I was very happy with the black vRS but this local example came up in Rally Red with a genuine 47k and I couldn’t refuse. My third vRS Mk1 in 9 months! It was bought new in Howard Abrahams in Lurgan 15 years ago. I bought it of the second owner, an older gentleman who had 4 years who basically did not drive it. I gave it a light detail today, replaced the centre boot badge and wheel centre caps. I have it booked into have the rear spoiler ( common fading issue) and the front bumper redone due to a few kerb scrapes. Its also booked to go in for a full service including the oil pick up pipe. Future plans are a wheel refurb and tidy things as I go.
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    LED's look good. Today I mostly fitted polyurethane hangers and the one with a chain inside to stop my Milltek hitting the rear beam on the mk2. Thankfully it has worked.
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    As usual no plain sailing for me. Thanks to @c11ris the centres of my wheels are off getting acid dipped. I got my front shocks back from Reynolds Engineering who did a great job. Couldn't be more pleased. I got the bags fitted to them and spaced the top mount to clear and offered them up. This is when I realised that I couldn't fit my wheels and check the drop as they had no centres. I tried the standard vr6 wheels forgetting they don't fit over the 312mm brakes. Go me! So I fitted the 15s on the rear and swapped the borrowed wheels to the front. The huge tyres are catching the arches and holding the car up so I cant see what drop I'm getting and they've also pulled my arch trims off. Go me x2! The rear drop on 15s Front with the RS on. If it drops another 12mm the arch lip will be in line with the wheel lip and i will be more than happy And with the KW Turbo I plumbed my gauges in and have a bad leak from one so I've ordered a new fitting. I then wired the bulbs in them to the headlight switch and I'll paint the bulb green to watch the dash light colour. The gauges are much crisper looking in person. I just cant get a good pic Last night then I decided to make a start on my wheel refurb. I started with the centre nuts. 3 hrs at the polisher give this before and after Stay tuned for more f*** ups Connor
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    Got all my bits finally fitted and it going to paint again tomorrow. It will make it to Dubshed but it's highly likely to have minimum interior as I've to much on at work, home, and university!!
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    Hi the car is the 170 and I'm now looking at stage 2 remap with miltech exhaust. I've only had the car a month - picked her up in England with 97k on the clock and two owners from new - had good service history and is also the three door which there are not too many around at present. I have had a full check down on it and anything that was dodgy has been replaced with a new like for like part - all oils and filters etc also done and the engine had a wash out as well. The car is really in good condition inside and out apart from the wheels which I'm getting refurbished back to their original look.
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    I've got the 9.7mm cam but I'll also be receiving a 9.9mm cam for the Black Passat. Its a replacement for the original cam I bought from Newmans which wore out prematurely. Anyway the 9.9mm seems to be about the max. you can run using the standard hydraulic tappets. So over the summer I've a bit of work to do on the engines whilst working on a few other projects.
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    Dubshed 2017 Online tickets now live! Only a few days after Earlybird advance tickets went online they're already completely sold out! But there is still a great saving to be had over gate ticket price, by purchasing our online advance tickets at £12.95 BUY TICKETS HERE Your online ticket has the same privileges as gate tickets, providing a pass for 2 days of modified cars, outdoor motorsport entertainment, trade stands and lots more... Keep and eye on dubshed.com for more information. Any queries give any of the admin or staff on here a PM, or just comment below...
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    Great night had be all and no major fractures were reported On the podium was : 1, Nigel 'Mansell' Lamont 2. Andrew 'Blomqvist' Maxwell 3, Gwyndaf Evans Will be aiming to hold another night in the spring probably after Dubshed
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    Mark Mc Cann up near Toomebridge might still have mk1 bits, I know he did have jetta bits a while back.
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    Happy Christmas one and all.. plenty of car goodies arriving? 👌😎
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    Finally for now are some IDF axel relocation plates to centre the rear wheel when air'd out. I also got their modified tie rods so they don't hit the frame anymore and there's no need for more notches!! just waiting on some very special headlights arriving and the management then hopefully it passes the test first time!!
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    New pancake tank to hide everything in the spare wheel well as I'm not found of boot builds that take away from using the car for family jaunts with all the gear included.
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    so its been a while since anything worth mentioning has changed but that has finally changed and i made a bit of an impulse buy. wasn't sure while i was waiting on the paperwork coming though but a lot happier how i have it on the car
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    Pre-registration for show cars is now open! Please don't register your car unless you are available to attend and can stay on site until close of show. ... Times for show cars 9am - 11am sharp General public enter via Pump House Cafe We have dropped the pre-payment due to some technicalities with the service provider so all you need to do is provide us with your personal and car details. Registration can be found at GTINI.com/titanicdubs Titanic's Dock and Pump-House Dubshed BLOK 51 I Love Bass Wowo's quattro Owners Club Autostadt.ie Discover Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Tourist Board
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    Picked this up this week a 2002 Black Magic Octavia VRS The car has had cruise control and centre armrests already retrofitted and theyre quite handy I have to say. The bump strips have been colour coded so that will save me dressing them all the time and having runs of the product. So far I have gave it a few runs with my DA and Merenza compound to get the car shining. Had 2 new Kumhos fitted today and the plan is to fit another 2 next month, other plans include more cleaning including the arch liners and remove the front indicators to remove Moss. I have a full set of genuine green Skoda badges but unsure whether to fit them or not as I'm coming round to the new style badges fitted. Thinking of getting the wheels refurbed in a darker colour and dechrome the grille. Also hoping to get a nicer reg for it maybe a VRS one. Going to grease the starter as it grinds slightly on start up, a common fault on these it seems, other than that I will continue to enjoy driving it. A few phone pics from this morning...
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    Looks in lovely order. Black carpets are a nice cheap upgrade when you finally get bored of trying to keep the light grey clean lol. They are a lovely car and still under appreciated in my opinion.
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    Also got the windows tinted in the rear, and some silly bits like pressed plates and Audi Quattro plate holders. Before After The car also got De badged in between too, back looks so much clearer now, way to many badges on the back of these in my opinion. Next on the list is nice deflectors
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    Yesterday the Titanic Dry Dock wasn't too dry but as ever the show must go on. See our report on the GTINI season closer by clicking the link or picture below Titanic Dubs Report Connor
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    Been trying to go to both shows so far and never been able to make between one thing or other. Washed up ready for polish!fingers crossed for titanic this time! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I was 100% sure I wanted diesel but sure these things happen lol
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    Hi all, I thought it was about time I introduced myself on here formally. I have met a few of you over the years at shows and hoping to meet more over the coming years. After owning ~80 cars in the past 10 years I decided now was the time to go and buy my dream car and start the project. This led me to leaving a deposit on a 1988 MK1 Caddy yesterday. Looking forward to picking it up in November once it has had a few bits and pieces done! From there I plan on using it and finally attending some GTINI shows in it, rather than just spectating as I have done. So that's me, hi all and look forward to meeting you! Ross
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    Something old, something new........
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    So after a whole handlin over getting the correct bush for my non powersteering rack, and me loosing a bit of interest i got back to working at the car today. Didn't do much mind, got the subframe bolted back together and in place. If everything goes to plan should have a few more interesting updates the next few weeks....
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    Has been a long time since I updated this and alot has happened... First thing done was to weld up the hole in the drivers foot well. After that the bodywork began. The side van panels were made and tack welded in, a template of the filler cap was made to smooth it off. The boot was then smoothed including the wiper hole, washer hole, badges and the holes for the plastic unit which held the lock. Then the engine bay was smoothed, welding up all unneeded holes. Then the filler came out.. _DSC0593 by Dubimage Photography, on Flickr _DSC0591 by Dubimage Photography, on Flickr _DSC0592 by Dubimage Photography, on Flickr _DSC0594 by Dubimage Photography, on Flickr _DSC0603 by Dubimage Photography, on Flickr Then I decided to go a step further and started to remove all the seam sealer from the inside.. Followed by filling all the unused holes and removing the dashboard. _DSC0595 by Dubimage Photography, on Flickr _DSC0597 by Dubimage Photography, on Flickr _DSC0596 by Dubimage Photography, on Flickr
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    So bought some wheels... _DSC0597 by Dubimage Photography, on Flickr _DSC0603 by Dubimage Photography, on Flickr 20160426_163706 by Dubimage Photography, on Flickr Also stripped some off the engine ready for it to come out. 20160501_153802 by Dubimage Photography, on Flickr
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    so I've been keeping myself rather busy over the past month, i had been gathering up some parts for a while and its all finally coming together. bought a damaged tts front bumper and repaired it, new set of ttrs side skirts and due to how tight the front fitment was on the oz wheels a set of mucke 30mm wider wings along with a ttrs grill. id always fancied white tt before i bought one but i couldn't find a white tfsi in my price range so i settled for red, but the urge got the better of me and i decided to have a go myself at doing a vinyl wrap on the car. I'm pretty pleased with how it has came out and i enjoyed doing it. few bits of dust under it here and there but its to be expected really when your doing it in your garage. anyway heres a few pics of my progress along the way. wrapping the door shuts tonight and then brakes are going on tomorrow night hopefully then a good clean and ready for dub shed. started by stripping the front down for the replacement parts and to allow me to wrap around the leading edge of the doors offering up one of the new wings to see how it lined up, pretty impressed with the fit first panel on the car done little detail of the corners, took me a bt of work to get into the way of how to approach the corners but i think i got better at it as i went on bonnet was probably the most awkward panel to do due to the size of it tts bumper done with the new grills in few corner details and one of the finished wrap. i know some people won't like the idea of it but for me it was a cost effective way of getting what i wanted and i always enjoy trying something new would love to hear what you think.
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    http://www.aovc.co.uk/events/view/1106 Cracking wee show this, I've attended past 4or5 years, was originally at Sprucefield. Pics from last year And a slippyspielberg produced video