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    Back from the hairdressers - MK4 R32

    Long overdue update time... finally got over to Scotland to lift my wheels and they're even more stunning in person. And some obiligitory test fit photos. Borrowed some 20mm adapters off Pete from Paintworkz to see what sizes I need to order. Think I'm gonna go with 25mm for the rear, and either a 15mm or a 20mm for the front.
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    Has Vw scene exploded

    Nah middle aged men have more sense , we are re scratching the itch , coz we had them back in the day when proper cars cruised the road , and "scene" was something you looked at from the top of a big hill ! Air ride was sh**ing on a lilo
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    Golf bird

    Dubshed 2014 Feedback Thread

    First time I have actually made it across the water, and I can honestly say hand on heart you have all restored my faith in car shows. I seemed to be caught saying this lot over the weekend and had a few looks and laughs as it sounds so wrong...so what the hell, I'll say it again....Av been around....when it comes to the scene so to speak, and if am honest, totally lost interest, mainly due to the fact I felt I couldn't keep up with standards and a certain element of people not being all that friendly. But making the journey over not only sparked my passion back up, it made me realise that not everyone in this funny old world is ignorant, rude or two-faced. I take my hat off to each and everyone of you guys/girls that made the weekend possible. Great atmosphere, fantastic set up and probably the most friendliest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I will be back...in fact if I could come back this weekend I would. Loved all the different sections, loved this new age tablet judging (although my judge didn't want to talk to me...and i like to talk hahahaha!) Loved the people and I particularly loved the Vodka, I believe sales went up 43% in Ireland this weekend! Please don't change a thing.....well..maybe the hose/water situation....but i believe the lack of hose/jet wash was out of anyones control. Currently saving to bring both golfs over in september
  4. 9 points

    Mk2 GTI 8V-VR6 turbo build

    ive had my interior over with Del at Optimus Automotive in Scotland getting a full retrim in Harris Tweed, here's a few pictures of the finished job. There one of my favourite things about the car even though it's nowhere near finished ?
  5. 9 points

    Dubshed 2016 Feedback

    Have to say The GTINI Dubshed Crew have done it again,just gets better and better, Awesome work from all concerned
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    Titanic Dubs Official Pics 2015

    Couldn't be bothered taking pics of everything so just stuff I liked lol.
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    Folks, A huge hats off to all the GTINI Organising staff behind the Dubshed show yesterday. Myself Paul and the brother Stewart and our families have been attending all the GTINI shows since the start and the quality just keeps getting better. (Events organisation and vehicles) The folks presenting the vehicles are spurred on to build bigger and better cars for everyone to see and the organisers are making the facilities and event suitable for everyone to attend. All the hard work, effort and time shows in the attention to detail. Fantastic work folks... As usual we had a great day taking our own vehicles up from the North West in the usual Northern Retros crew convoy. An early start, great road trip, kids had a ball, parents had a yarn with old friends and new. Great days craic, and the old splitscreen bus and the Mo's new T4 addition to the family fleet were really well received at the show.... Thanks to all folks, A great day out.... Keep the vintage VW faith. Paul & Stewart
  8. 6 points

    Castlewellan 2nd July 2016

    My photos are now on my flickr.. Dubimage - GTINI Castlewellan 2016 by dubimage_uk, on Flickr Dubimage - GTINI Castlewellan 2016 by dubimage_uk, on Flickr Dubimage - GTINI Castlewellan 2016 by dubimage_uk, on Flickr Dubimage - GTINI Castlewellan 2016 by dubimage_uk, on Flickr
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    Mk2 GTI 8V-VR6 turbo build

    Got another few hours at this, this evening. Finished striping everything off the subframe so it's ready to be re powercoated. Then started the hateful job of removing the seam sealer from the bay. Which once I got into it, although slow was quit enjoyable, uncovering the lines of the car that had always been hidden. Anyways on to the pics. Oh and I also trial fitted probably the most excessive, unnecessary but cool as f*** part I've bought so far.... My cae shift tower. Matt.
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    Road Tax for Cars 25+

    There is currently a HM Gov petition to get the rolling 25 year road tax exemption thing back. It is here -> https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/119497 should you wish to sign it. The total of signatures is leaping up fast, minute by minute Share it on other forums and social media folks If mods don't like this please remove.
  11. 6 points

    Bora, MIA

    Fresh new genuine 1/4 panel from Germamy. Thanks pobmk4 for sorting me out with such a great deal
  12. 6 points

    happy christmas to all

    Happy christmas happy new year to all.hope santa brings u nice car parts..
  13. 6 points

    Dubshed 2014 Winner list

    Seriously guys don't take it so seriously...that's certainly not what we want. Judging even with criteria is a minefield. You could have had a certain score in a category this time with 2 particular judges and next time have a totally different score with 2 totally different ones. There are too many variables. Build the car you want not the car that you think everyone else wants, if it wins trophies all well and good but that's not what it should all be about... Enjoy it! John
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    I have a build thread.. but this is it near enough finished...
  15. 5 points

    Dubshed 2017

    Again another Awesome Show, huge congrats to all who organised and helped out regards Lenny
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    Mk2 GTI 8V-VR6 turbo build

    While Connor was at the brake lines I started to assemble the ancillary parts to the engine. New oil pump. Schimmel Performance oil filter housing and high flow billet water pump Cast thermostat housing and stainless crack pipe from grüven parts And a migfab short runner with billet aluminium fuel rail Still have to work out how to run the sandwich plate for the external oil cooler, without having a standard oil cooler fitted as well. Fingers crossed next week sees some more progress.
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    Got the car through mot last week just in time for our trip to VW Action and Edition 38. On the way across England @Fatman found out these points don't charge every "green" car Also Otis turned 100k miles so I treated him to some V power. Nor sure if I noticed any difference but if I did it's probably to justify the £1.40/litre price lol We arrived at our house for the weekend and we were suitably impressed esp with a nice carport We went to VW Action on the Saturday for the drag racing and booked myself in to run up the strip but unfortunately bad weather killed that so I took a picture instead. Note @stevieturbo Granada creeping in the background We headed for Edition on the Sunday and thankfully the weather was much nicer. After a good clean and clearing up much confusion over my engine we took in the rest of the cars and had great craic. I'll stick a pic of the car from the show field up when im home Also managed to score some r32 disc, pads, calipers and carriers at the auto jumble for a planned big brake conversion over winter On the 695 mile trip the car was great other than a leaky clutch slave cylinder which required a few pumps of the pedal to sort each morning so that's next on the list I'll finish with the mandatory boat queue picture Connor
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    Wednesday night we got the suspension and driveshafts fitted along with the new balljoints and arb. When that was done the brake lines were connected up too. After that we hit a slight snag. Ended up coming home from work before I even got there and spend Thursday and most of Friday spraying the contents of my stomach out either end of myself. Not great for making progress really. Thankfully by Saturday I was grand and back on it. I had a sidecar frame to paint gloss black so I did the backs of my arch liners at the same time as you can see them from inside the bay. I also painted the back of the wings and the brakes too to tidy them up. Before: After: Fitted: Next up I painted the inlet manifold again after petrol was spilled on it and got it fitted along with the fuel rail, alternator, tensioner etc. I went to fit my new radiator which turned out to be wrong so back to waiting on one of those ffs. When I had the front crash bar off I painted it in stone guard paint to stop it rusting too. This one is grand but id rather do it now when I've it out: Today then we started on the wiring. Out came the dash and we routed the wiring from behind the firewall when it passes through, over the firewall and down to the fuse box. I didn't undo the fuse box wiring so I'm not familiar with it but I've about 90% of it plugged back in bar the odd single one here and there so once stefan is back we'll kill that off and get the dash back in. Here's how the interior currently looks. Once it's all plugged in I'll fix it in place and mount the ecu behind the glove box. And how the bay looks now. Just to connect up the throttle cable, vacuum hose, water pipes and air filter: Connor
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    OEM first aid kits

    Didn't fancy paying £50 of eBay for 1st aid kit for the mk2 golf so decided to make my own! Think it still adds to vintage look and at least contents are in date so no need for [emoji603] I can also no remake as many as want if it breaks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. 5 points

    Royal Enfield Rebuild

    @Middleman That's quite the compliment I did mean to post a video of the bike running but as ever fate decides to s*** upon me. I got the bike fired up yesterday and set up the carb. No problems there. Next up I broke out the stainless P clips and fixed the wiring up under the rear mudguard and from the rear indicators down the frame. One of the front indicators was dim so I cleaned up the connection there which fixed it but the bike popped the main fuse. This happened a few times until I noticed the spring loaded clip for the live to the tail lamp had slipped and was touching the frame causing a dead short. Problem solved. Next up the brake light was jammed on. I unplugged the front and it was still on so that meant the rear switch. This was weird cos it was working fine when dad set the tension on its spring. Some hoking about revealed when the fuse blew it melted the main battery wire to the wiring for the brake light causing it to glow. A bit of rewiring and it was sorted. I hate electrics. While at it we changed the main fuse from a glass one to a blade type as they're easier got. Anyway no video today. I took some quick pics though. Connor
  21. 5 points

    MK5 GTI Golf.

    Hi Guys, Thought it was about time i put something together for everyone to view! So its started off as a standard MK5 GTI Golf which i brought over from Scotland, it was standard when i got it and i soon put, KW v2 and 18" BBS CH on it with an intake and an Exhaust on it. Got 4 MPS on the wheels and it was a very fun car to drive, i never drove the car easy and enjoyed every mile of it. Recently i took the notice to sell and upgrade to a MK6 R or S3 but the Golf needed painting before i would consider selling it, it needed two new wings so i bought SRS TEC wings for it, there 25mm wider than standard. As i bought these i thought, i could go lower? So i sold the KW's and took ownership of a bargain set of H&R Ultralows, then i thought, sure why dont i just buy bigger wheels to fill out the car more and look really low, like Kyle Jackson low. Anyway i done a deal for a set of 19" 8.5 BBS ABT wheels, these needed some work to fit and i got 4mm shaved off all the wheels to increase the ET and pull them in, worked a treat! So after trailing wheels etc i thought, the brakes look tiny, i wasn't going to upgrade until Summer but i bid a guy silly money for calipers and he took it, silly cheap, Kyle got me basically a new set of R8 discs to match. The brackets which came with the calipers where for AP racing 2 piece disc of ML350mm discs with the R8 disc having a different offset of 4mm Kyle advised me to machine 4mm from the bracket to marry the brake kit together! Worked a treat! Quick refurbishment and new stickers and they looked like new! So to complete the new look i de-cluttered the bay by relocating the battery, washer bottle neck and carbon canister, tidied up a few wires and made up a new intake. I added black coolant and washer bottle caps, I will in time change the oil cap to an R8 one. I also added edition 30 front and rear bumper parts, there REP parts but fit and look like genuine ones. The car is currently away for paint before Dubshed, everything is being painted apart from the roof. Grill is being smoothed and painted gloss black. Ill update when i get it back. Future Plans, - Exhaust Downpipe, (awaiting delivery) - Rear suspension freshen up, I replaced every suspension component along with bearings on the front and feels great to drive so i will do the same to the rear. - K04 Turbo, give Kyle silly money when he upgrades! - 6 Pots for the front and move 4's to rear and get handbrake caliper. - Possibly remove more from Bay. Or sell everything and buy a house. Thanks for looking guys!
  22. 5 points

    Bora, MIA

    Bit more work done this morning. New 1/4 set and screwed into its final position prior to final clean down and rust treatment. All panels aligned perfectly along with the rear bumper although not pictured and the door striker part welded into position after I ground the old welds and sealer they for no reason stuck it down with!! Next up dealing with the remaining rust with this little lot, welding the 1/4 into place permanently and then prepareing it for paint. Hopefully it'll be done by the end of May.
  23. 5 points

    Audi A4

    Bought this a few months ago now, and those who know me, know I wasn't completely struck on the spec of it! Its a saloon, and an auto for a start and not overly fussed on white, first world problems I know! Anyway it came at a good price so I couldn't turn my nose up at it as I'd been looking a facelift A4 for a few months before this. I'd bought a set of H&R Ultralow coilovers before I'd bought the car, they came second hand but less than a year old and would fit in with plans I had for the A4 once it was bought So as I wasn't too struck on the spec I decided I'd drive it as it was, for a few months and see whether I was going to hold onto it. I knew I was going to get 20's for it, but hadn't decided on what style, after missing out on a set of RS6 peelers and a set of bentleys (which I was never too keen on), I found a set of A6 wheels on ebay, after loosing out on them too, I took head staggers and went on a search for another set, this set came up in Carlisle in good condition unlike the other set I was going to buy! So last weekend I finally got to try them on, the tyres are the originals that came on the wheels, I didn't think it would get away with them, and until I get the new tyres, they'll do ok! They sat a lot better than I thought they would for not being lowered other than the S Line suspension. That's it for the minute, I have to get tyres sorted before I can go ahead with the coilover installation, and I somehow need to get them fitted without the wife noticing! She hasn't noticed that the wheels have gotten bigger this weekend so I'm halfway there!
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    Cheers lads. Ended up getting runner up mk3 at Dubshed which was a shock to say the least. Glad I didn't get round to buying the Auto Finesse quick detailer as it was in the prize pack Once again thanks to all involved with the car as it wouldn't have made the show without them, Absolutely busted after the run up to the show and the show itself so gona chill for a week then wire my dad's bike then get the car ready for the FittedUK show Connor
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    Gavin's A8L W12

    Hello all I've been a member of the forum for several years, but rarely use forums in general anymore. After being asked by a few people to start a build thread for the Audi, I thought I would share with you my work so far. Nearly a year ago, I had my mind set that the Passat had to go, a decission I sometimes regret, but only cause things haven't gone quite to plan with the Audi so far. Eventually after stripping the car back to standard, it sold, and I was able to buy. I had been watching every W12, and a few V8 A8's for about 8 months at this point, so was able to pick up a good deal from a trader in Southhampton. A 12 cylinder car is never going to be practical, so I managed to get one with only 4 seats, a fridge, a fax machine, 3 TV screens, a DVD player, keyless entry and go, full heated reclining rear seats, upgraded LED tail lights and in a colour combo that I liked. First on the list of things to do was to get it a little lower. Shortened levelling links were purchased to trick the car into thinking what height it was. I managed to get the rear ones in back to front to start with. I eventually managed to get it sorted and had it sitting a little better. Next on the list was some LED interior lights. Next up was the wheels. I had wanted to make these wheels for some time. The A8 gave me the opportunity to build them to a spec that I didn't think would be possible. I bought myself some genuine 2 piece 19" Speedlines with the plan to step them up to 20" 3 piece wheels. A quick test fit to make sure the centres would clear the 390mm disks up front Once all the measurements were taken I finally placed my order. 2.5" lips and 7.5" barrels all round. But not 19-20 as originally planned, 19-21 step up! I've spent the last few months slowly working on my air instal. I wanted to use my old airlift v1 system, as it was very faithful and reliable on the Passat for many years. I had planned to couple it together with Zaetech's wireless controller (previously used in Design RMC's Audi A5). After building it all up, I realised my V1 wasnt as reliable as it used to be. I've managed to get it working, but sadly doesn't seem to want to work with the wireless controls. Both systems will work separately, but I'm struggling to get them to work together. Here's a photo of some of the boot build progress. As for the actual air struts, at the time of purchasing the car, nobody made a direct bolt in kit for the D3 platform. I contact Airrex and they were happy to help me build a kit, if I provided them with all the measurements they needed. Long story short, it doesn't look like it's going to happen anymore. Plan B however is to try and hook the aftermarket managment up with the Factory air struts. Will have to see how that works out. I'll keep this thread updated of how I get on in the weeks coming up to Dubshed!
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    R53 Mini Cooper S

    Well seeing as John has told me that this is a section for all makes and models, not just VWs I thought I'd put a post up about my latest purchase, a 2003 Mini Cooper S. Bought this the same day as I sold my MK5 from a fella in Banbridge - 97k, full service history, stainless exhaust, 17% supercharger reduction pulley, 18" John Cooper Works alloys made by Ronal, 40 lowering springs but other than that fairly stock. I also found out a few weeks after owning it that its been looked after in the past as its been treated to some facelift projector Xenons, facelift tail lights and a face light 3 spoke steering wheel. To say it goes well its an understatement - was shocked that the new owner of my MK5 wasn't able to pull away from me on a spirited drive home despite having at least 100hp extra. Anyhow, it all started off very sensibly - this was to be my daily, it wasn't getting modified, I was just gonna enjoy driving it and work on the MK2... well that backfired. Was working on the MK2 one Sunday, trying to put right all the faults it had failed MOT for and every time I fixed 1 thing, another broke. I was loosing the rag with it when Steven Toner called over and made the point that nearly everything I'd already bought for the MK2 would also fit on the Mini. Two hours later, the MK2 was locked walked away from and left to sit until a time that I can work on it without a deadline hanging over me. First thing I done was to have a quick test fit of the BBS E49's that I'd bought for the MK2. At 17x7 they're a bit on the skinny side so I wanted to make sure they wouldn't look lost in the larger arches of the Mini, so they were bolted on and an unusual method of lowering was used to get a rough gauge of how they would sit... Surprisingly they actually fill the Mini arches a lot better than the MK2 but they're gonna require some spacing and a lot more lowering. Next on my to-do list was fixing a pet peeve of mine - the grey headliner and pillars. I can understand that some cars have them so it makes them feel more roomy, but this is a small hatch back, I want it to feel tight and enclosed so and out everything came. Rather than the traditional faux suede or alcantara I decided to go with a black two way stretch material that is usually made for dress making - again I had bought this for the MK2 as I felt it might be more period correct, but I ended up liking it more than I thought and I think it works really well in the Mini too. While all this was happening I finally managed to get my reg legally onto a car with Neil from Rockvale making me some short plates As you can maybe spot from the photo above my Mini, like most others, suffers from a rusty bootlid. Unfortunately there was a design fault with these cars that means that water gathers along the top of the number plate light plinth - this in turn rots the lid, mostly out of sight behind the trim until it spreads to a visible area - by this time its usually too late to save it and in my case there was a lovely big rot hole. Was searching from a replacement on eBay when I found one for sale by Ecopart at Nutts Corner - put a cheeky £50 best offer on it which was accepted and picked up the next day. Possibly the cleanest Mini bootlid in the country! Zero rot, no dents - just the wrong colour. Anyway, with regards to getting it low I began to do some research on hydros. Niall O'Dowds sat great on them and I loved how the subframe literally slapped the ground when he dropped it. I soon realised that I was out of my depth when it came to hydros - after all this car was supposed to be a cheap project and I didn't know enough about hydros to go by a second hand set that would work for me. So with that off the cards it was time to look at something I'm more familiar with... air. Firstly I picked up a Viair 480c compressor, then I ordered a 4 gallon Speciality Suspensions seamless tank. While I was waiting on finding the other bits and pieces I needed I made a start on the boot build, first of all making cardboard templates and then cutting the MDF. It was then I realised that there is no gap on the car that is as wide as the width of the car, even putting the false floor in at an angle wouldn't fit. So I had to modify my design and make it in two pieces Under the floor I then made a mount for the business end of the air setup, using the middle seatbelt bolt as a mount to secure down a piece of mdf that would hold my compressor and management in place. I then started to look at ways to mount the tank and how I was going to position hardlines. This is about as far as I got with it as theres some other things that will have to go in the back too. Back to the wheels - so as you know I plan to use my E49s on the Mini, however the grey wasn't doing it for me so they were split and sent to Pete Matthews at Paintworkz for a fresh coat of BBS matte gold which I think makes the wheels look soo much better. Unfortunately when I put them back together one of the wheels was leaking like crazy. Having spoke to the previous owner he had informed me that one of the valve holes had been drilled at a weird angle and that was causing the leak. So off they went to Dan Taylor at Wheel Unique to get the hole welded up and redrilled. When they arrived Dan noticed something that I'd missed by taking the previous owners word for it... a nasty crack. Thankfully Dan is a man who enjoys a challenge so he's welded this for me and is currently tidying up his welds to make sure they seal perfect. The next piece of the puzzle I picked up last weekend. Having had Airlift V2 management in my MK5 I was keen to run it again as its a system I know very well and because I knew it very well I was keen on picking up a second hand kit that had already been replaced under warranty. A lot of the early manifold had issues with leaky valves and there was also some software issues so picking up a warrantied kit meant that it was less likely to have any faults. After making a few enquiries I found one that had been fitted by Design RMC and had been warrantied with the last 9 months. So off I went, bought it and had it wired up the same day (wires have been tidied since the photo, forgot to take a new one). This week has been a week of highs and lows. The week started well when I got a phone call to say my seats had been delivered - I'd preordered them months ago for the MK2 but again, I could make them work in the Mini. Sadly this is where things took a turn for the worse, on my way home from work as I was sat at a red light I felt a thud - a thud I'd felt before - someone had run into the back of me. This seems to be a bit of a Dubshed tradition for me as last year a week before the show someone ran into Nikkis Polo while it was parked outside my house. Anyway, I got out to survey the damage fearing the worst but thankfully this wasn't a throw back to my R plate days when the whole boot floor of my Fiesta was mangled in a similar incident. This time there was only a few stress cracks in the paint! The owner admitted that he'd saw the light for another lane change and that he'd took off without realising it was the wrong light. He's agreed to pay for the repairs and I was happy to leave it at that... So back to the seats... Id sat in a few friends cars with Corbeau Club Sports last year and I was amazed how comfortable they are for a bucket seat, esp given that I am a larger gentleman. Other seats I'd sat in where nowhere near as comfy and for the price they were a no brainer. So Nikki picked me a set up for valentines day and I've paired them up with a set of black Takata harnesses (because bringing a Mini to a VAG show isn't bad enough without adding jap parts!). They come with side mounts and runners but unfortunately the runners weren't long enough bolt into the factory Mini locations, so I made some adapters out of some aerospace grade 3/8" aluminium that I just had "lying around". This allowed me to bolt the adapter to the floor and then bolt the slider through the adapter at the front and secure it with another bolt in the adapter plate. I've never been a huge fan of the standard Mini slatted front grilles, so picked up a set of JCW Areo grilles on eBay. While the bonnet grille bolts straight in the top bumper grille was never made to fit the standard Cooper S bumper so to make it fit I had to cut a quarter of an inch of plastic out of the back of it, while maintaining the securing tabs. The bumper also needed modification as the tabs don't line up to the same locations so I had to cut new ones with a dremmel. It's at this point I should remind everyone to wear eye protection when cutting stuff, as I soon found myself in the Ulster A&E after a piece of plastic lodged itself in my eye, leaving a nice slice in my cornea! Worth it though as the front end now looks much better... So thats the thread up to date for now, still a lot of work to be done between now and Dubshed. Car is going in to get a load of paint work fixed up next week as theres a lot of handbag related scratches, the new bootlid needs painted and I also will be smoothing the front bumper. I'll try my best to keep this updated as we go from now on...
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    Back in a Mk3 Golf!

    So from October until now the car has been at the welders waiting to get some work done and finally we are getting somewhere! He said £475....that was full sills replaced, wings welded and smoothed, about 2 inches wide full floor panel and inner strengthening panels and cut out rubber bungs and welded, rear arches rolled and smoothed...ooo and the roof beat out and smoothed as had a few dents....I managed to beat him down to £375 as took him nearly 6 months to do it and I wasn't pleased about it. Now it's with the painter he's going to get a start doing all the prep work between jobs and with a bit of luck in the coming weeks it will be ready for full respray well here's how she sits now .....
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    Chassis Notch

    I was thinking of putting up a guide to replacing the steering rack in a B3 Passat: Step 1) Spend 3 weeks trying to get one ordered from a motor factors/breakers (even though you work in one and they can't even get it!) Step 2) Take it to a mechanic - seriously its not worth the heartache! Step 3) Done.
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    GTINI Charity Total 2015

    As you all know a GTINI we always like to give something back to the community that supports us in the way of a donation to a nominated charity each year. In 2015 it was another successful year at our events and we had decided to support NI Cancer Fund for Children which I think you will agree is a worthy cause supporting young people and their families coping with everything that comes along with this terrible illness that affects the lives of so many. We are proud to announce that with your generosity and the help of our sponsors with a special mention going to Colin Adams Motorparts for their fantastic raffle at Dubshed and generous donation we were able to raise a total of £10,526.22 for the charity. Thank you all again for your generosity and here's to another fantastic year in 2016 for which we will be announcing our chosen charity shortly. Keep and eye on www.gtini.com and www.dubshed.com for exciting updates
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    Hi guys. Just fitted the new wheels and thought I would stick a few pics up. Definitley the lowest its been and for once I'm not always thinking about air lol. Just got to get it looking clean for Harmoney Hill now... The wheels are 17" monoblocks. Thanks for looking Scrapeporter by Dubimage Photography, on Flickr Scrapeporter by Dubimage Photography, on Flickr Scrapeporter by Dubimage Photography, on Flickr Scrapeporter by Dubimage Photography, on Flickr Cameron
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    Happy New Year!!

    Happy New Year to all you car freak's .. Have a good one..
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    My bagged Golf VR6

    Hi people, thought I would sign up and post up a picture of my bagged mk3 VR6...
  33. 5 points
    Shelby 427 1965


    Well, this is my baby.. You may have seen it about. For about 6 months it was probably the only Mk2 GTI on R plates... However she didn't always look this good... This is her when we got her. Me and my da both restored her together. I bought her when I was 15 for £580 at 117,897 miles with full service history, however she was rough as sandpaper. Rotten floors... And a frankly rotten engine bay... but all of these were fixed and now I have a great, solid, daily driver Mk2 that I use everyday and for every purpose. All I need now is a respray, which, at 18, frankly I can't afford. But eventually. It's not bad for a car I built by saving up school dinner money every day to buy car parts. I use this car for everything, I love it to bits. For example, at the aircooled drag day this year... Next to Chris Wray's GTI... me and him were constantly up and down the strip together. And it was then used as a bed for the night for me and my girlfriend. Who needs a tent? And today I just finished making cupholders, from a Mk4 Golf. Couple more shots... Thanks for looking, all comments appreciated
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    My so called daily MK3

    So got my wheels back last week and put them on yesterday for the crack
  35. 5 points

    Passat pd130

    Sorted the ride height this morning... The next job is to get the front wings sorted and then the car will be waxoyl'd underneath....
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    Vento - I'll be back...someday!

    Some of you will have seen my Vento when I had it on the road. A brief history: The first photo The definition of DFR - it was originally supposed to have a shiny pearl green respray and ended up satin grey as an emergency measure, which I ended up really liking and keeping. The 6 stud wheels, which I love, and take pride in their notoriety and am a total show off about (I was first na na na na na...) didn't start off as 'what can I do to be cool and different' but more as 'hey there's some wheels lying in the yard, lets give that a go' I got a black leather interior from a Leon Cupra for Xmas one year, and tried to tidy the bay a bit after being ashamed to open it at Dubshed! The head gasket went about 18 months ago and sadly its been growing moss since. I have big plans for the future - engine swap, full respray (something shiny this time!) and a few other bits. However, it has turned into something of a unicorn as it has taken a back seat to various other projects. Hopefully I'll get started into it this winter. Until then, here's a few pics of her in her former glory:
  37. 5 points

    Kids lol

    Stopped at traffic lights yesterday the wee lad asked "are you not allowed boomerangs here?"
  38. 5 points

    Ballymena Carfest

    Was my first time on the gtini club stand and couldn't have been made more welcome great bunch of guys and girls. Really enjoyed it was a great show and great day good to meet up with new people as well and banter was good. Plus we won the best club stand and when you take a look round at what was there it defo was some achievement by every one involved a great variety of cars on the gtini something for everyone ??
  39. 5 points

    Dubshed prep how's it going!!?

    Looks like VW Heritage will be at the show, so hopefully see a few of you there!
  40. 5 points

    Castlewellan 2014

  41. 5 points

    RIP Stephen McMinn (MINI)

    Thanks for posting this Nigel. He'll be sadly missed and was a credit to his family. Mini was always the star of the party and always lived for the moment. We will be holding a karting event in memory of him soon.
  42. 5 points
    After a bit of searching I found this again, there has been sooooo many people asking about this I thought if fill you in. As many of you know this was put on hold due to starting the new business, but thankfully I've made a slight start on it again. Engine is out as is gearbox, everything is stripped down and both items are being soda blasted hopefully next week. I've got a load of new trims, finishing pieces etc to be fitted after it gets a complete respray. Hopefully be a few new touches to the engine bay area before it's all built together again!! Just need to find a nice set of wheels!
  43. 5 points

    Dubshed 2014

    Epic 2014 Dubshed, awesome start to the 2014 VAG Show season, very well done to all the GTINI people for putting on such a great weekend. Long may it continue Regards Lenny
  44. 5 points
    there is nothing at all wrong with a show car that is used , but the cars that are parked up and only wheeled out when theres attention to be gained, or maybe a chance of pics or a trophy , cars like that are pointless imo and only serve the owners ego ,, its nice looking around cars at a show and coming across something that has all the tell tale signs of being used properly, not just wheeled out for the show ,, cars like that are the ones that should be getting the attention at shows the same goes for nicely turned out original spec cars (not concours) ,, carparks at some shows are always worth a walk around too some real gems to be spied at times
  45. 5 points

    The RSI Bug Is On It's Way Guys

    Well, finally got it started, started Mon aftrernoon, and pulled the front end apart. My God talk about well built, after taken front wings off, lost count of the number of nuts and bolts, I come across a metal bracket on each wing only being held in place by 20 rivets. you can imagine my ranting having to drill these all out and then re-riveting them back onto the new wings without damaging the bracket. Tue, offered up the wings, to see what if any reworking might need done, couldn't open either doors, bolloccccks, off again some gentle manipulation, ( rubber mallet ), after three attempts gave up for the day. Wed, tried again, this time using a dremel drill, great piece of kit, front wings now on, doors open and close just about. Today, offered up front bumper to wings and body, bollocccccccccks, bollocccccccccccks, spent all day trying to get this looking half right, needed to prefab up brackets to keep all the pieces together, after many bad words, happy days, so front end lookin half decent, now need to have the bumper crossmember shortened and refitted to have the front end nearly complete, and before you all ask about pics, yes I have plenty, but as before I can still not post the freccckin things. Regards Sore Fingers Lenny :? :? 8O 8O
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    hi i have mark two golf 16v and the master cylinder has died , i noramly put in the 22mm cylinder which came on the laters moldels which always helps when it comes to stopping power ,when needing to upgrade or replace ing this item .how ever i have a cylinder of a mark 3 gti 20l 8v think was 1997 the ends that go into the servo all look the same but the over all lenght is longer its 111mm from the bolt holes to the end that faces the engine were 22mm one is 98mm .looks like the mark three one should fit .has any one here used this item ? is it any better for stopping over the 22mm one? any help or thoughts on this would be great thanks o its on a track car so the more stopping power the better lol
  47. 5 points

    where did they all go??

    Andy maxwell bought them all and are on storage lol
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    Castlewellan Show returns on the 2nd July 2016, held at Castlewellan Forest Park Those who have been before know this to be our most relaxed and chilled show & shine event of the year. A chance for everyone to bathe in the sunshine at Castlewellan forest park. It includes our charity BBQ and the ever popular car limbo contest. This show requires no pre-entry, just simply turn up and enjoy the cars and the beautiful setting!
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    Eglinton Classic motor show wee video

    Wee video of the Eglinton car show
  50. 4 points

    'Barn Find' MK1 Project

    Took a few pics the other day: